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The Hunger Games Bridal Makeup tutorial

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I just love the makeup and head accessories of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in the Hollywood movie "The Hunger Games"

Where Feathers + rhinestones makes a lovely combination
Simple, girly, and bridal !
*I'm not fan of fake eyelashes though

  Check the Makeup tutorial here

Spectacular dress by Tex Saverio


"Take off your hijab!"

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I make you uneasy
Because my hijab reminds you
That I'm trying to obey God And not you.
And that bugs you.

A great post by Amina from Pearl Daisy, it reflect what some of us have experimented by being Muslims specially those living in Non-Muslim countries

Today I heard that I am not free
Because apparently
A woman's freedom is only granted
When her hair shows and her body is flaunted.

Hmm, I must've missed that memo.

Since when did freedom inherently
Require me
To show parts of my body
That I don't want others to see?

My freedom is in the way I choose to look.

Does it bother you to know
That I have control
Over what I choose to show and withhold
From the world?

How ironic
When the people who are 
Supposedly pro-freedom
Incessantly insist that you "take off your hijab"
Themselves dictating the garb
That we should wear.

Freedom means to conform to
Your criteria about how I should dress, right?
Do I have that right?

The hijab symbolises my faith,
And you want to ban it?
Well, while we're at it,
Let's ban charity, selflessness, 
Equality amongst races and sexes,
Being good to your neighbour.
Because those are also requirements of a believer.

But, of course, it's not about freedom,
Is it, really?
I make you uneasy
Because my hijab reminds you
That I'm trying to obey God
And not you.

And that bugs you.

See, if headscarves entered mainstream fashion,You would never protest to them.
You wouldn't assert that my freedom is jeopardised
Or blurt, "oppression!".

It might not be to your fine fashion taste,
But you'd move on.
Go on, admit it.

But since modesty equals faith,
You unabashedly bash me,
Claiming to want to "free" me.
Ladies and gents,
Welcome to modern chivalry -
A hidden form of bigotry.

I depend on God,
Not on your latest analysis of me,
Because, you see,
Through you, too,
He is testing me.

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Lace is on!

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Whether cutwork, crochet or eyelet, this ancient handiwork takes a chic update for spring. 

The lovely balance between  conservative and coquettish style that lace gives to this season can be use just in about everything, and why not an engagement and/or bridal ceremony?

Lace dress by Watters

Want to try out some of this  looks or make your own color choices?, visit Watters page and play with with the color options available, you will enjoy, the price is also accessible and don't forget to visit us on FaceBook Muslim Elegance to find the best color and fabric option for a body to to match with your dress!

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Zuhair Murad Spring 2014 Couture

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Via: Andrea Janke's blog

Inspirations straight from Garden Eden, the mystical garden segment of Zuhair Murad's Spring/Summer 2014 Couture collection overall contained a multitude of camellias, roses, peonies, gentian, and more, all shimmering atop gowns, jumpsuits, and cocktail frocks. Sparkly, laden with flowers, feathers and crystals in a stunning colour palette in peach, rose, pale green, lavender, gold, range blossom and ivory.

  Imagine all this beauties with a hijab and of curse an under-dress  because of the transparent lace.

a series of red-carpet looks in ivory, black and gold, some incorporating animal-skin motifs. A short-sleeve column dress was covered with black sequins arranged in a zebra pattern, while a nude tulle gown with a sweeping skirt featured a black sequin motif inspired by panther skin. Then came the new territory: a sequence of heavily embellished gowns in a rainbow of pastel hues. Piled with shiny fabric flowers, sequins and feathers, they veered toward the wrong side of opulence.

Outside his garden, a grouping of daywear looks featured ivory suiting pencil skirts, trousers, open jackets all fronted in a double row of gold buttons. The look was his Parisian ideal, Murad explained before the show. Then he singled out a New Look-style outfit in guipure lace as his synthesis of modern femininity. But if any pieces in the collection adhered to that description, they were the ones that showed off the upper back, their fabric scooped out or cross-strapped like swimsuits.

He added fauna to complement the flora: Black sequins delineated a zebra print, and feathers crept up the neck of a gauzy halter gown. Embroidery on a full-length white caftan revealed a python print down the body and panther spots along the sleeves. By one count, Zuhair Murad’s wedding dress alone bloomed with upwards of 25,000 floral appliqués.