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Tradition with the brilliance of today!-new Abaya by Swarovski Elements

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As-salamu alaykum dear readers and occasional visitors,I have no forgot about this blog it is just that is been a very busy year Al hamdulillah, thanks for visiting and hope you like this post.

Six fashion forward Abaya creations made with Swarovski crystals and inspired by current trends: http://swarovs.ki/abaya
A central part of the Arabic culture heritage is the Calligraphy and Embroidery work as well.Embroidered textiles have been produced for thousands of years across North Africa and the Middle East to decorate public buildings, homes and animals as well as to clothe men, women and children. They have played an important role in the social and cultural lives of communities and peoples and have reflected the economic and political changes that have affected the region from the earliest times.

Since 2010 with the launch of JAWAHER,Arabic couture extravaganza which lighted up the SWAROVSKI CRISTALIZED  concept we have been witnesses of a new fashion trend and a renascence of the Arab fashion mostly inspired by the Muslim World, this year Swarovski bring to us a new Abaya collection embellished with delicate swarovski crystals and inspired with the current trends, allowing Muslim women around the world to keep their style and follow the Islamic ruling regarding clothing without be out of fashion.

Swarovski among Arab and International designers have been exploring the new markets, Arab countries are experiencing a huge economical grow despite some political disturbs,fashion has prove it self that is the business that keep expanding and growing, Arab women despite of what western cultures my think have shown a huge sense of fashion and a high economical power to buy the best quality products and the newest fashion trends,and this is something Designers around the world know very well,Swarovski in this collection show the latest trends incorporated with the traditional style of black abaya, a very well mix of traditional and trendy, we expect to keep seeing more and more Islamic inspired fashion the coming years but for now check this out.

ROMANTIC: Enjoying afternoon coffee,latest fashion trends in necklace incorporated in a classic abaya.

CLASSIC: Working at the office,the embellished neck style.

PROGRESSIVE: Taking “selfies” with friends in new and exciting destinations,chunky style brooch.

GLAMOUR: Glamorous nights out,the lace trend with heavy beadwork.

-Encyclopedia of Embroidery from the Arab World
By: Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood