Anak- My Child

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I have all my life believed that everything happens for a reason, but when I became Muslim, reading about Islam I confirmed this point. Every tiny little event in our life have a reason, is Allah's decree, we may or may not understand the "Why?" but for sure at the end of our Journey we will figure it out, while some people will find activities like watching TV, listen to music, etc., as a waist of time, I try to find the good side of everything. A situation, an action, an event, etc, can lead us to big changes in our life if we know how to use the opportunities.

I had lately been all crazy about Korean dramas(I just can't stand Egyptian dramas!), to the point of trying to learn Korean by myself (which by the way I found it a bit easier than Arabic). The Stories have captivated me, there are really good actors and actresses without the need of showing their bodies can make you feel real emotions with their acting and submerge you in to the story.

One of this Actors is a big dial in Korea and next year he will release a new film, the Soundtrack is just beautiful, "Anak" or child in it's English translation (By Freddie Aguilar from the Philippines); though I didn't understood a word of it, the music is just Touching, when I Google the title and I found the translation of the lyrics, I have to confess it made me Cray.

The deep of the words touched my heart, I'm not a very expressive either romantic person but this music and words truly relates the human side of every son or daughter relationship with their parents, you can't deny you have been there and for sure at some point in your life your kids will be there too, is the cycle of life!.

Child you don't know
You'll never know how far they'd go
To give you all their love can give
To see you through and God it's true
They'd die for you, if they must, to see you near
And now your path has gone astray
Child you ain't sure what to do or say
You're so alone
No friends are on your side
And child you now break down in tears
Let them drive away your fears
Where must you go
Their arms stay open wide
Child you don't know...

Is said that the composer left his home a very young edge and have a hard time alone, after several years, he realized his mistake and thought about his parents, he went to ask for their forgiveness and as all parents who love their child will do, they accepted him, a short time after this his father died. Allah gave  him the chance to ask for his father's forgiveness before he died, time passed and the Author of this song is know now to be a Muslim man, Subhan Allah!

Is amazing how we find in the Qu'ran Allah's advice  to obey our parents,
-Recognition and respect of parents is mentioned eleven times in the Qur'an.
-Almighty Allah and His Holy Prophet have both laid much emphasis on obeying, serving and pleasing our parents.
-In fact, Islam teaches us that respect for parents comes immediately after praying to Allah and before Jihad (struggle and striving in the way of Allah) ...this would indeed make it a very powerful and important injunction.
-Appreciation of parents should be a daily recognition rather than a special occasion according to the Holy Qur'an and Hadith.

Let us pray that we will all do our best to respect our parents, honor them, be kind to them, help them, and please them for the love of Allah.

2015 Fashion,

Pantone's Marsala is 2015's Color of the Year!

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Pantone as every winter does, had named its Color of the Year. This shade is supposed to represent what people will be wearing, decorating with, and using as their makeup for the next 365 days. 
The choice for 2015? Probably something you were wearing 20 years ago (provided you were alive). Say hello to Marsala.

The hue falls somewhere between rose and brown,We've got to say, though, the color is definitely more wearable than other recent Pantone picks ( Radiant Orchid).  This hearty-yet-stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors, you name it.