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Eid outfit

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which one?
Eid by That'sMe featuring Missoni

Eid by That'sMe featuring Gucci

Mexican decorating style

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I am proudly Mexican and therefore I can not stop talking about Mexico, there is a lot of interesting tings about my country but today I want to show you little about the Mexican decorating style, one of the most representatives is the Rustic and the Colonial Style, which emerge when the Spanish colonized Mexico ; it is a fusion between the metropolis style of the colonies and the local style due to the big demand of housing and furniture and the huge distances between Spain and Mexico, they began to build their own accessories and furniture with the materials available in the area at that time, Mexican Style is characterized for the use of brilliant colors in the accessories of decoration and the use of wood in its natural colors.

Mexican Rustic Style:

The rustic style tends to emphasize a love for nature, where the elements like unique and artezanal furniture combine together to recreate spaces with identity, strength and life, because the rustic style is human and warm.

The furniture made of wood or metal, the main components of which are carved and fretted to resemble the branches of trees. Stemming from the idealization of nature and the “simple life” that occurred in the mid-18th century, the vogue for this kind of product persisted well into the 20th century.


• The buttons that brings the wood are a clear example of rustic, just as is its peculiar natural yellow color.
• Preference is warm colors and a casual atmosphere that invites the use of furniture and space utilization.
• The furniture is made of solid wood is higher quality there for this furniture last a life time.
• Rustic furniture are unique pieces, rarely are manufactured in mass.
• The rustic decor is primarily a warm and full of life. Iron lamps, rugs and curtains patterned smooth, wicker items, handcrafted furniture, all complement this style.

notice the colors and patterns in the fabrics they are similar to the Arabs

Inside the rustic style are several trends one of them is the Mexican colonial style:

The old estates with all the Spanish influence, ranches, convents and monasteries give way to an architectural style called Colonial Style, whit which the inhabitants from the metropolis decorated their homes in the colonies.

The big number of settlers made soon had to build the furniture right there in the area with the materials available, and the native merges with the decorative fashion of the metropolis an emerging style as eclectic as the Colonial, which varies according to the colony and its colonizer.

The predominant color in the Mexican style is the bright and welcoming yellow that can be agreed with the bright blue or turquoise. The earth tones, red, orange and bright pink are also widely used.
Mexican Style decor usually uses rustic woods,wrought iron pieces, and tile accents.

Bathroom decorated with bright blue and sink made of talavera

a fireplace with talavera accents add atmosphere to the place

Colonial Mexico's missions and cathedrals, used an abundance of ornate wrought iron in there decor here are some chandeliers (do you find some similarities with the Arabs ones?)

Some wall decoration ornaments made with talavera tail and iron work, wall planters (Striking and low maintenance).

Talavera, wall planter
Bromelia, Wall planter Striking and low maintenance
Mexican pots

Use of Talavera:

Talavera tile gets its name from a small village in Spain called Talavera de la Reina where it took root during the 15th century. However, many of the styles and patterns can be traced back to the Arab culture around the 8th century. In turn, after the Spanish colonization of Mexico, the new ceramic was introduced and the Mexican artisans embraced it.

The name “Talavera” is now the definitive meaning of the unique tile and ceramic patterns and designs handed down generations ago from these skilled craftsmen.

Dining ambiance
Talavera tile, Mural

Talavera tile, Mural
Stained glass, Mural

you can see traces of the legacy left by the Arabs to the Spanish and this to the Mexicans when you observe the chandeliers and some of the patterns in the fabrics used in the colonial Era.
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*** RED RED RED ***

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I saw this dress and I love it!

see what you can creat in office 14 (betta),since I don't know why I can add my own pics in Polivore I had desided to use power point and it really works good, you can also take off the background and make you own creations.

Here is one in red :
09 summer/collection

Damask Patterns

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The weaving style originated in Asia, spread across the Middle East, and reached into Europe thanks to the efforts of traders like Marco Polo. By the 12th century, the fabric had been named after Damascus, which was quickly rising to fame as a center of textile production. The ornate fabrics exported from Damascus were well known, leading many people to associate the fabric with the city. Italy also housed numerous well known manufacturers of damask.

For many consumers, damask is closely associated with luxury. The weave of damask is very dense, resulting in a substantial cloth.

In this adaptation to our 20th century life, two extremes of patterns have evolved. One is characterized by new colour effects, the other simulates a fabric dulled and worn by age. And under good decorators or discriminating householders, damask-covered furni- ture and window and other draperies are successfully associated with fine furnishings of many periods, including our own.

The damask weave is a fabric on which the pattern is brought out by the lines of its weave running in a different direction from that of the ground. Damask linen tablecloths illustrate this beautifully. In modern damask, there are incor- porated with the traditional silk other materials, such as cotton, linen, wool and artificial silk, in order to produce new effects. The fabric is, however, made in essentially the same manner as in the 12th century, when it got its present name from the city of Damascus, then famous for the beauty of its silks of this character.

Damask wallpaper patterns


I hobe u enjoy zis az much az I did :D

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ok this is a joke that circulates time ago in all e-mails at least here in Egypt........take it as that (a joke), when I read it It makes me laugh a lot, notice how is true the accent Egyptians has when they speak english....enjoy....its a little long but funny.

*A foreign Newspaper sent a female reporter to interview the common citizen in egypt..when she arrives at cairo..she picks a random guy ,and starts her interview*

Egyptian:We 3alkom el salam ya 2otta
Reporter:Do u speak english?

Reporter:Do u mind if i interview u?
Egyptian:No, i dont have a mind
Reporter:What' s your name?
Taha: I love it

Reporter:oh no, i meant male or female?
Taha (yelling): what do u sink?
Reporter:Its just for the sake of the report..never mind...male. ...
Taha:yas male..and i can brove it any time u want
Reporter:No, thanks,I' ll take u for ur word...so..how do u find life here in egypt?

Taha:Egybt.. very nice cantry..nice wezar..nice food..byramidz
Reporter:oh well..beside the weather and the pyramids..what else do u like in ur country?

Additional Details
Reporter:Ok. .lets move on..what do u do?
Taha: I am very well ,sank u
Reporter:No, I mean do u have a job?

Taha(looking around him and whispering): Jobat?..no i dont have any(jobat).. lessa mastaba7nash. .do u have a (job) with u?..we canesmoke it in my car..dont warry about bolice
Reprter:Oh my god,DO YOU WORK?
Taha:Yas yas..Taxi drivar

Reporter:What do u think about the traffic problem in egypt?
Taha:Very big broblem..very much cars..u see?..but za guvurment is trying to make it bettar..zey did the circle street and za me7war street..and zey make all streets one way so if u go..u cant come back..niahahaha3

Reporter:What about the economic problems in Egypt?
Taha:I do not undurstand what u say
Reporter:I mean..how do u deal with money problems in egypt?
Taha: No NO NO..egybt very rich cantry...we have alot of cotton..alot of
water..and we have byramidz

Reporter: So do u make a lot of money?

Taha:No no.. it is not legal to make money..one frend i know make money at
home..and he go to brizon..if u make money at home..u can only give it to
za banzeena man..they take any money
Reporter: let me rephrase..since Egypt is a rich country.. do u have a lot
of money?

Taha:me?! ..Not alot..but I eat and drink Al7amdulelah?
Reporter:Then where does all the money go?
Taha: Guvurment
Reporter:And what does the government do with the money?
Taha:Zey Build circle street,me7war street and make all streets one way

Reporter:well , Ok...Do u vote?
Taha:What duz zat mean?
Reporter:Do u choose your president
Taha(nervously) : i didnt give my voice..but if i was..i will give him my
Reporter:Why him?
Taha:Because he was an airoplane in za war..he waz za leadar airoplane

Reporter:But there r no wars right now
Taha:But if we have war..u see?...we know we will have a very good
airoplane in it
Reporter:what about the last 26 years ?
Taha:I got marry..and have 3ala2 and Amira..and drive taxi
Reporter:No, i meant what did Mubarak do for Egypt in the last 26 years

Taha:He build circle street,me7war street and make all streets one way
Reporter:Thank you very much for ur time Mr. Taha
Taha:No broblem,only 10 bounds

Reporter:I never said i will pay u for this
Taha: Ok..just give me the (job) then..we smoke ,and make head
Taha:ok ok..need a Taxi?

After her interview with Taha..The foreign reporter moves on and approaches another random guy trying to cover other aspects of the Egyptian mentality:

Egyptian:Welcun to egybt
Reporter:thank u ..may i interview u?
Reporter:What's ur name?
3essam:I can't..i have wife and sons
Reporter(remembering Taha):Sorry..my mistake..male..Ok Mr.Essam..What do u do?..(remembering Taha again)..sorry..i mean do u work?
3essam:Yas..i have koshk
Reporter:koshk?..what is a koshk?
3essam:small subarmarkot..u undurstand?..I sell cigarettes..boxes and fart
Reporter:Dont u think somking is bad for people?
3essam:I dont hit beoble on zer hand and make zem smoke..az we say here in Egybt..(ur brain in ur head..u know where u finish)
Reporter:I dont get it...but lets move on ....How do u feel about terrorism?
3essaml:Terrorism is good..we love terrorisms in egybt..they bring dollars to za cantry..and zey all light Egybt..az we say here in egybt...nawart masr
Reporter:I am shocked to hear that
3essam:NO NO..dont shock..we are like zis..and our fazarz waz like zis..we love terrorisms and make zem feel at home...becoz zey bring a lot of money to za cantry and guvurment
Reporter:R u claiming that Terrorists support the Egyptian government financially?
3essam:Sbeak again bleez
Reporter:I mean,R u saying that terrorists are paying money to the Egyptian government?
3essam:Ofcorse zey bay...zey one of za most imbortant bay to za cantry..terrorists,and Sewiss canal and za high sadd in Aswan
Reporter:Oh my god..that is very disturbing...do u have any idea where do they reside in Egypt?
3essam:Sbeak again
Reporter:where terrosits stay in Egypt
3essam: Zey love Sharm El Sheikh..also Khan el Khalili to buy sofoneer and drink shisha
Reporter:oh yes..i can totally relate..we heard about bombings there a couple of years ago...Why do u think the police doesn't capture those terrorists?
3essam:Bolice here in egybt..very good..zey brotect terrorists very well..dont warry..dont zey brotect u?
Reporter:why do i need protection?
3essam:Because u r terrorist
Reprter:Absolutely not
3essam:u look like zem
Reporter:Do I?
3essam:yas..wite skin..no clozes and no sbeak arabic
3essam:Sank u very much..
Reporter:I'm sorry..i'll have to end this now before it leads to more wrong information
3essam:sbeak again
Reporter:I have to go now
3essam:No brobrem..u light Egybt