Hijab Fashion 2012

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We have noted a recent mutual interest between the arabs and occidentals about fashion in the West, about clothing and scarves for a modestly veiled style, and on the other side of the Arabs for a new ways to add an arab style to the west clothing lines.

A new Spanish brand called “بركة “(Baraka) has become the first boutique and online store to carry the long "Almaxa" (Maxy) In a view of the designs, "Baraka" is found suitable for everyone, whether veiled or not veiled, with streamlined designs and paper fabrics, with lengths appropriate for each woman, it fits to every women every where and anytime.
It's a new atmosphere that this fashion brings to the "fashon world" in the East from the West, the east is no longer confined to long and loose skirts ,this has became the favorite style of Western women, too.

All this styles are now available in Egypt.

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