buying Brass in Egypt could be a headeche

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1.Never speak English with any one when you are going on shopping never ask the girl behind the desk for help coz she probably doesn't even know her size. careful coz the sizes vary from brand to brand

4.tray to know before your measures in both ways you know the letter and number and also the other two numbers like: 36C or 38-95, this coz the girls don't even know what are the numbers for.

5.try to be as faster as you can when you made the mistake of talk in English coz as soon as they realise that you are not Egyptian even when you looks pretty much as Egyptian and your in lows are Egyptian and speak Arabic they will try to know everything and I say EVERYTHING about you. not expect to find something very sophisticated so take what you find and if you are lucky to find your size pay and leave. not listen to their excuses
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Bridal Hijab Special

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So, here it is!

The new Issue of The SharePoint Magazine

with an special edition of Bridal Hijabs and much more...

take a look here:

With a more profecional look of Magazine here

Bridal gowns (Pakistan)

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This are more beautifull gowns from Pakistan you can also see a latter post for more pics (Haute couture from India and Pakistan) and you can also visit


Egypt ranks first in the Arab scientific research published

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To count accurately the state of scientific research in the world in the last ten years, a report index science and engineering in 2010, released by the National Science Committee of the Council of the U.S. National Science Egypt ranked thirty-eighth worldwide, and the first Arab in terms of scientific production.

Patrols in the major with an annual increase of 2,8% since 1995, and the number of research published by the Egyptian researchers in international journals in 1934 in search in 2007 compared to 1388 in 1995 to form the Egyptian participation in Research Science and Engineering proportion of 2,0% of the production of scientific knowledge in the world, despite the limited production of the Middle East and North Africa, Egypt, nevertheless, excelled on the emerging countries in Eastern Europe and South Asia in the world rankings at the time did not show the other Arab country in the list of the 45 most superior, and the United States is still in the lead with clear progress in China, where universities and colleges produce a major US-25% of the total published research of $ 758 thousand research, The budget spends a third of the world in scientific research, or about 1,1 billion dollars.
‏ China and jumped in the world rankings, commensurate with the progress at various levels, Chinese researchers have stepped up their share from 1% in 1988 to 8% in 2007, a total of 56 thousand scientific study.
And replaced Japan in third place, followed by Britain, Germany and France, while India came in tenth place.
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Eye shadows 2010

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For eye makeup that takes center stage or to enhance the gorgeous eyes you were born with,Sephora has created:

**** M A K E U P F O R E V E R **** :
Unparalleled pigments that allow you to really play up your peepers to their fullest potential. From matte to iridescent, waterproof to pure pigments.

  • "To really define your eyes, be sure to apply a liner along the bottom lash line and blend until you achieve the smokiness you want."

Earth tones

Rich and Regal



  • Always mix different shades of shadows to create a unique color. It's a great way to experiment. When you do, always start with more of the lighter shade and add a darker one until you get the shade you desire.


Highlight in white


Arabian Fashion

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more muslim fashion in the second issue of The SharePoint Magazine

There are a lot of women who doesn't wear hiyab because they are not "agree" with the Islam dress code, they believe that once they put on the hiyab they will have to renounce the fashion style they use.

But here is one example of how you can wear hiyab and be fashion and modern at the same time.

Can you see the trendy colors, and styles, and the most important:

You don't have to wear tight clothes to look good.

Is Dubai collapsing??

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Troubled markets of the probability of non-support of the Government of Dubai for the UAE
Observers feel the reactions of world markets, and intensive media coverage of the Dubai Declaration deadline to pay dues to the largest debt of state-owned companies as if the economic model of the emirate failed completely.
Although the amount requested by the Dubai World, a grace period for repayment is not to long, about $ 3.5 billion, the global implications reminded people of the economic crisis that hit the world economy after the collapse of U.S. in the real estate sector.
This reflects the importance of being Dubai, not only for its ambition and exciting taken as a plausibly pillar of the development of real estate and tourism, trade and investment, but because they said it's a clear picture of the global financial system with Advantages and disadvantages.
Dubai World, owned by the Government of Dubai, one of the seven emirates forming the United Arab Emirates, has a debt of billions for some time and there was no problem.
And Dubai as a whole has funded a great deal of credit projects, bringing its debt to about gross domestic product.
Since the global economic crisis deepened last year, and the major subsidiary of Dubai suffer significant problems.
There are problems and bankruptcy losses in other major economies in the region much larger than the recent crisis in Dubai, for example the problems of a manufacturers, Al-gosaibi; approximately $ 22 billion in Saudi Arabia.
Dubai has funded many projects on credit
In the rest of the Gulf states, which have accumulated huge revenues from energy exports, governments do not disclose the ramifications of the global recession, and save a lot of companies or cover the losses in billions.
But Dubai is different, more exposure to international markets and the lack of oil to its development and adoption of economically on trade and services.

Apparently the main reason for disturbing the market, and concern the leaders of the West, that the company had not received government support of a government (or sovereign as it is called in the media of a Western economic).
Because Dubai is a model for the big global financial system, who suffered the scourge of inflation of the value of assets in an exaggerated manner, the explosion only reveal more flaws after it emerged that government interventions in the global economy is about to get him out of recession.
It was expected, in notes from the writings of Western analysts, that the acceleration of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi's biggest property in the UAE oil revenues to the rescue of Dubai to provide the money to pay the benefits of its debt.
But it is clear that Abu Dhabi would not interfere as they do other Gulf governments "cover" imperfections economy billions. As Dubai itself may not be willing to finance a distorted economic want to get rid of it.
There is nothing wrong to Dubai, as long as it deals with the global financial world in his own way, be left behind in the payment of debt payments, but be declared bankrupt and its loss-making non-restructuring.

It was not the rhetoric of some commentators and analysts on the lack of transparency in the Dubai Declaration, but referring to the desire of those in the know that the Abu Dhabi or the other would step in to rescue the company or not.

Value of the asset inflation bubble that everyone is suffering from exploding now
Bubble Dreams
The global concern is the continuing investments to obtain a benefit if it were in another place they would have already evaporated and no better than the wealth of oil revenues to maintain the profits of the benefits of debt.
Many dreams have evaporated in Dubai, in fact in recent years, particularly aggressive in real estate.
Many Westerners were buying luxury properties in Dubai in the hope of selling it after a few double the price and make millions in the blink of an eye.
All this led to inflate the bubble in the value of assets, and inflated with dreams and what these people escaped from the collapsed Dubai screaming that "the country has collapsed."

The truth is somewhere in between, there is no doubt that the emirate's economy benefited from the bubble has also benefited from many of the expatriate workers and investors and now suffering from exploding.
The most important forms of suffering is that Dubai built in the last two decades have made the reputation of the insurance on its debt and less expensive than anywhere else in the world.
There is no doubt that the recent crises will raise the cost and make it difficult for the emirate to provide funding markets for new projects.

Business model
Dubai has been able to achieve economic jump in the region thanks to the way of administration of the Emirate as a company with the President and Board of Directors.
And succeeded in the beginning to avoid bureaucracy and to facilitate the development plans are too ambitious financing a variety of credit and investments.
Dubai's rulers were able to maintain that way without any major problems within the European Union, which is the state or with their neighbors in other Gulf states.
Dubai has become a model and inspiration for many countries in the region, which became emulated in real estate and financial services and even trying to develop tourism.
Not only the fascination with the model such as the Gulf states, Qatar and Kuwait, but has spread to countries with well-established pattern of development of an extended, such as Egypt, Morocco and others.
Now, many argue that this model fails, without recognizing that this means the failure of the global financial system altogether.
However keen the world on its financial system and the continuation of his efforts to rescue and recovery, do not imagine that the most obvious sources will collapse even if it did not "support the sovereign."
Source: BBC by:Ahmed Mustafa

I want to tank you all!

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I want to thank you for passing by this blog and doesn't metter if you don't leave a comment I know you are there (but is always good to know your oppinion)and also I want to tell you that if you haven't noticed yet you can see the different backgrounds that you can download from The Sharepoint MAGAZINE and (put in your blog) every time that you refresh this page....the instruccions to set it in your blog are in this post Twilight Special


I'm working right now in the Second Issue and I promess It will be even Better!!(Inshallah you will like it)
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Twilight Special !!!

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"The SharePoint Magazine".

you will find interesting articles about Islam, Women Stuff, and Freebes for your blog.

To download This issue free, click in the image.

Although this is a Free Issue (for limited time only) please consider to donate, it had been a hard work.

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To change the background of your blog follow the next steps:

  1. Log in to Blogger, then go to "Layout" section, now click on "Edit HTML" link.
    Then find this line:

    body {
    margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;
    padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px;
    text-align: center;
    color: #fff;
    background: url('http://www.................png') repeat;
    font-family: arial,verdana,helvetica,tahoma,Sans-serif;
    font-size: 100%;
    width: 100%;

    body {
    font:x-small Georgia Serif;
    font-size/* */:/**/small;
    font-size: /**/small;
    text-align: center;

    If the code doesn't looks exactly like this then search/find for "background", using CTRL+F , and check if it is the background: part of "Body {......"

    Now change that background url like this:

    background: url('http://DIRECT_LINK_OF_YOUR_IMAGE') repeat;

    The background image will not be displayed in Internet Explorer, if you do not give "space" after the url bracket closing and repeat.