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Would You Eat Your Own Placenta After Giving Birth?

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Would you help yourself to a big slice of your own placenta after popping out a baby?
This is an interesting information, now that in the blogosphera it seems that be pregnant is a new fashion hehehe.
buttttt : not recommended for the extremely squeamish !

This writer on did. As Holly Kretschmar explains in her personal essay detailing her journey from pregnancy to giving birth to eating her cooked placenta:

In the West, the majority of placentas are dumped in the trash. But the placenta is considered sacred by some cultures. And virtually all mammals, including herbivorous ones, eat their afterbirth. Placentophagy, as it's called, may be inspired by a new mother's need for extra nutrients or her desire to erase the trace of her birth in order to throw off predators; there is also a theory that the placenta contains a pain-deadening molecule. ....

Esther, our doula, speaks about the energy-restoring properties of the placenta, and how consuming it is an ancient practice, especially beneficial for warding off postpartum depression. She mentioned the growing movement in the natural birth community to encapsulate dehydrated placentas into pills, reputed to bestow mental and physical benefits to the mother over time.

You will have to read the rest of the article to hear the extremely visceral details of the texture, smell and taste of afterbirth sauteed in soy sauce, ginger and garlic. Whether you find post-baby chow to be intriguing or absolutely disgusting, you gotta give some MAJOR kudos to the open-minded husband who voluntarily tried some of his wife's placenta steak.


Summer rainbow trend!

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I was a bit bored and with this hot weather I had created this set, the rainbow day!
This is what you will need:

a white maxi dress

a white linen jacket

a multi color wedge shoes

a Fendi bag

and rainbow rays scarf, add any cold drink to your look and good luck, have a happy rainbow fashion day!
Beauty Tips,

Ashley to get this simple look

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You probably already have a bevy of black eyeliners in your makeup stash, and you probably have at least one light and shimmery champagne eye shadow. That's all you need to re-create the eye makeup look that Ashley Greene wore at the Eclipse premiere.

Vanessa Scali, the makeup artist behind Ashley's red carpet look, said, "We wanted to create a soft, glowing goddess look to complement her beautiful Alexis Mabille Couture dress. The overall look was golden skin, soft blushed cheeks, champagne shimmer and a softly lined eye."

1.Getting that glistening eye is simple. First, start out by applying a champagne shadow all over the eyelids and just under the bottom lashes. Scali used I-mark Custom Pick Eyeshadow in Nomadic ($5).

2.Then, line the upper eyelids using a waterproof gel-based liner. Scali used the black portion of the brand's Keep It Going Eyeliner and Shadow in Entourage ($10).

3.For a dramatic finish to provide lots of depth, add a metallic shade of black liquid liner on just the very base of the lashes. Scali used Get in Line Waterproof Eyeliner in Painted Black ($6). And that's the way you do shimmer without going overboard.

Twilight saga:Eclipse ....los angeles premiere

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Somebody, please help!!!!

I have to confess that I'm one of those millions addict of twilight, here are some pictures from LA premiere my favorite was Ashley Greene(BTW my bb's name is Ashly with out the "e" hehehe)although more people didn't like her style of dress, but one thing is sure, she is pretty even in a blanket.

I love her gray dress, she is pretty and her make up just gorgeous very natural and simple, of course she doesn't needs more, she is a natural pretty girl, I don't like the couple stars (Robert and Kristten) I do like the love story on the movie but not the actors, well Robert has pretty eyes is all I can say.

Ashley Greene in an Alexis Mabille Couture dress, Christian Louboutin heels, VBH clutch and Buccellati jewels.

The obligued picture, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Steward, and Taylor Lautner

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Hale in Twilight movie) , check his style, I love it!
Catalina Sandino Moreno, plays Maria (she created Jasper) in Eclipse

Am I fan of gray color?, it seem like but it was a mere coincidence this time, I love purple and I think I'm becoming a big fan of gray colour also.

Cherry blossom cake

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This is a perfect cherry blossom cake combinating soft brown and pink colors on two tiers.
*You will need
--use any cake recipe that you like for the base--
5cm and 7.5cm round cakes cut from 1 x 20cm square cake
150g marzipan
450g ivory sugar paste
12.5 round cake board
greaseproff paper
white royal icing
chocolate brown, dark pink and pale pink edible food colours
40cm pale pink ribbon 6mm wide, for the cakes
60cm chocolate brown ribbon 3mm wide, for the cakes and bow
3 piping bags
3 no. 1.5 nozzles
40cm dusky pink ribbon
15mm wide, for the board


1 cover two round cakes with marzipan and sugar paste, then stack centrally on a 125cm round cake board lined with ivory sugar paste.
2 Trace the cerry blossom design on to a sheet of greaseproof or tracing paper and scribe on to the base and top tier of the cake. Colour one third of the royal icing with chocolate brown food colouring. One third with pink and one third a paler pink.
3 Fix a lenght of pink ribbon overlaid with brown ribbon around the base of each tier with a little royal icing. Tie a bow with a piece of brown ribbon and fix to the ribbon on the top tier, over the join, with a little royal icing. Fill 3 piping bags fitted with no.1.5nozzles with the different coloured royal icing. Beginning with the brown icing, pressure pipe the brances following thw scribed design. Whit the pink icing, pipe pearls to make the cherry blossom, adding either a peler or darker pink centre for authenticity. Fix the 15mm ribbon round the cake board with a little royal icing and done!
Here is the blossom pattern zoom and print.


Physical touch affects emotional mood

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By Richard Alleyne,
Sitting in your favourite armchair really does put you in a better mood, a new study suggests.
Researchers found that the physical touch of your surroundings directly affects the way you view the outside world, especially other people.

The softer the touch, the happier and more generous you are; the harder, the more selfish and aggressive.
They believe that the changes in mood are a throwback to when you are a baby and physical comfort means everything.

"Our minds are deeply and organically linked to our bodies," said Professor John Bargh, Professor, a social psychologist at Yale University in America.

In a series of six experiments documented in the journal Science, the team of psychologists demonstrated how dramatically our sense of touch affects how we view the world.

Interviewers holding a heavy clipboard, compared to a light one, thought job applicants took their work more seriously.

Subjects who read a passage about an interaction between two people were more likely to characterise it as adversarial if they had first handled rough jigsaw puzzle pieces, compared to smooth ones.

And people sitting in hard, cushionless chairs were less willing to compromise in price negotiations than people who sat in soft, comfortable chairs.

The research builds upon a 2008 which found that people believe others to be more generous and caring after they had briefly held a warm cup of coffee, rather than a cold drink.

Physical concepts such as roughness, hardness, and warmth are among the first that infants develop – and the study suggests these are crucial to how people eventually develop ideas about people and relationships, such as understanding the meaning of a warm smile or a hard heart.

Touch is an important sense for exploring of the world – so helps us build our understandings of the world as we grow older, and it is thought this is reflected in our own language, including everyday expressions such as "weighing in with an opinion", "having a rough day" or "taking a hard line".

Professor Bargh said: "These physical experiences not only shape the foundation of our thoughts and perceptions, but influence our behaviour towards others, sometimes just because we are sitting in a hard instead of a soft chair."

weekend ^_^

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orkut graphics, glitters, tricks, games and comments
Wish you all a nice weekend,
personally: we are moving and we still have a lot of work to do, please be patient.
Beauty Tips

Simply Smokin’: Achieving a Perfect Smoky Eye

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By Kevin-James Bennett professional make up artist
What is a Smoky Eye?

This is an enduring eye make-up application trend that doesn’t appear to be budging a centimeter any time soon.

There are many schools of thought surrounding what is considered a smoky eye. In its purest sense, smudging dark or rich colors around the entire eye creates a smoky eye. The smudging creates a mysterious, sexy, unstructured look that is in direct contrast to a more architectural or linear application of solid pencil or liquid liner. The level of “smoke” can be subtle, playful or amped up to a five-alarm scorcher.

The key to the perfect smoky eye is proper blending. Colors must blend together seamlessly to prevent a harsh or cheap look. Make sure you graduate rich or dark colors to lighter or less saturated colors. Without impeccable blending, you’ll end up with raccoon eyes (think Alice Cooper or Ozzy Osbourne).

Getting Started:

These are the items you’ll need to create a basic smoky eye:

· Eye primer (optional, but a VERY strong suggestion)

· Multiple eye shadows in one shade family (browns, grays, or taupes) that go from light to dark.

· Eyeliner (pencil, kohl, cream—anything you can smudge)

· Mascara (in rich black—this is a smoky eye, so no need for subtlety)

· Eye make-up brushes

· Eye make-up remover and Q-tips (for quick clean-ups)

Prepping the lid: This is an optional step, but highly recommended. Why go through the process of creating a flawless make-up application, only to have it melt into the crease of the eyelid? There are lots of professional eye-shadow primers out there that prepare the eye for a long-lasting make-up application and camouflage discoloration on the lid so eye shadow applies true to color. I apply over the entire lid, blending to the inner corner (next to the bridge of the nose) and up to the brow.

Eyeliner: This step will determine the success of your entire application. Apply a black, dark brown or charcoal liner thickly and very closely to the lash line on the upper lid. Take a small eye-shadow brush and smudge the line so there is no hard edge. Make a much finer line along the lower lashes and smudge the same way.

Shadows: I like using three colors to give my smoky eye great visual depth. Let’s try this with some simple cream to brown colors. Apply the lightest shade from the crease upward onto the brow bone. I usually use a soft cream or sand color for this step. Cover the lid only with a medium brown (try a rich caramel tone) and blend up into the crease. Finally, use a very dark brown at the lash line and blend up on to the lid. Step back and take a look: Can you see where one color begins and the next ends? Then BLEND MORE. The transitions should be seamless.

Mascara: You’re going to want very dense, lush-looking lashes for this smoky look. That means multiple coats. I have always had the most success applying two-three light coats of a volumizing mascara on upper lashes and at least one coat on lowers.

EXTRA CREDIT: When you want to create a bombshell look, apply a sparse strip of false lashes (not individuals) to the upper lid. Then “lock” that strip to the natural lashes with at least two coats of VERY black mascara. Two coats on the lower lashes complete this luscious look.

So there you have the basic smoky eye.

Color Me Smoky: How about switching it up and adding some unexpected color? Changing the eye shadow to vibrant or saturated colors will immediately give your smoky eye a distinctive look. Replace the neutrals with purples and blues. Amp it straight to the stratosphere with a decadent iridescent green or teal (very 1920s). With the correct technique and plenty of practice (blend, blend, blend), the possibilities are endless!

Lip Service: For a truly balanced look, always pair smoky eyes with a nude lip. You don’t want a strongly colored mouth to compete with the intensity you’ve created on the eyes. In a pinch, I rub some concealer over a well-conditioned lip and top it with either plain or shimmering clear gloss.

Islamic foundations for a happy marriage I

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I had just download a beautiful book about marriage and I will try to translate it here (it's in spanish) this is the first part:

Fundamentos Islamicos para un matrimonio feliz
is publicated by:

I. Faith

Because Islam is essentially a way of life, not just a religious practice restricted to a weekly worship, marriage is an important part of the life of every Muslim. The existence of a belief system and values shared by the couple, facilitates communication in a manner that could not be obtained from the marriage between people of different faiths. It is highly recommended that loving relationships are deeply enlightened by Faith

As the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam): "When the husband gives his wife to eat, you get the reward for this action and Allah Ta'ala increase the bond between them. Thus, when both love each other just to please Allah Ta'ala, what they do really is to increase their faith. "


When the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam) asked his companions: "If they wish that Allah Ta'ala forgive them?" They replied that of course they would like that, he (sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam) replied: "Then forgive each other."

One of the main factors to have a happy marriage is that spouses are able to forgive, which have no grudges or resentments toward each other. It's natural when you live with someone, situations arise that lead us to say or do things that hurt your wife or husband. The challenge is not to commit such actions, not blame and leave behind the past. To achieve this, we must give up our pride, knowing how to ask forgiveness and also forgive.

If we want to be forgiven by Allah Ta'ala then we must learn to forgive.

Charity campaign in Dubai

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Emirates General Petroleum Corporation"Emarat" recently launched a charity campaign that aims to collect old clothes in 16 sevice stations in Dubai. Special containers are designated for this purpose. The used clothes will be then distributed to the poor and needy around the world in cooperation with an international charity establishment.

The service stations hosting these containers are (Bin Hendi, Al Wasl, Al Ameen, Umm Suqeim, Al Shurooq, Al Hassa, Jebel Ali, Nad Al Hamar, Al Adhed, Beach, Chicago Beach, Al Ittihad, Al Safa, Al Madares, Al Bustan and Rahjan).

Remember Ramadan is comming and this is a good action, all the clothes you are not neading can be donated.


what will you do with your wedding dress?

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Would you wear a wedding dress that dissolves in watter?

This are some models of a wedding dress that dissolves in watter and can also be transformed in other peaces once you dissolve a part of it, interesting isn't it?

The wedding dress has the ability to transform into several pieces.
For women who cling to her wedding dress because it reminds one of the happiest moments of his life, the very idea may seem like a nightmare. The more detached, perhaps, dare to consider it.

This is a wedding dress, when in contact with water, dissolved ... without a trace.
The garment, which in the worst case shines only once, the day of marriage, and at best, puts a daughter, a friend or a daughter in her own wedding or a fancy dress party, was created by a group of students from Sheffield Hallam University in England.

Herbert worked on the project with other students of Design and Engineering.

The secret is in the material. Part of the dress is made of a fabric containing polyvinyl alcohol, a synthetic polymer generally used in detergents, which dissolves in water without damaging the environment.
The remainder of the costume is composed of other materials that are insoluble, but biodegradable, such as organic cotton and 100% environmentally friendly accessories.
Thus, after the day of the wedding, the bride can soak a portion of the garment in water to make it disappear, such as sleeves, and as a result, you get a different clothing.
"As different parts dissolve, the dress transforms into a different piece," he told BBC Ben Herbert, fashion design student, part of the team responsible for the invention, which also comprises engineering students.
Change needed

Wedding dresses are usually used only once in life.

The purpose behind this creation, students say, is to invite people to reflect on the impact the fashion industry has on the environment.
"We chose to work on the wedding dress because it is one of the garments in which we invest more money in our whole life and only use once. Also has yards and yards of fabric. Most dress as a keepsake preserves But, eventually, ends up in a landfill, "says Herbert.
In the UK, the amount of clothing purchased by the public increased in recent years by 40% and now has around two million tonnes per year.
To reduce the impact of fashion on the environment, the fashion industry must confront the conventional practices and attitudes
Jane Blohm, a professor of fashion design course
About 74% of two million tonnes each year ends up in the trash.
"The fashion industry in general has to be aware of this situation and make changes in the direction you are taking," says Herbert.
Jane agrees with him Blohm, a professor of Fashion Design at the University of Sheffield Hallam.
"To reduce the impact of fashion on the environment of the fashion industry must confront the conventional practices and attitudes," says Blohm
"This exhibit," Blohm said in reference to the sample that presents the dress created by students, "demonstrates what can be done when the design and add scientific innovation efforts."


are you on diet?.. raspberry-limon cake recipe

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warning: it contain a lot of calories, so if you are on diet, do not try this, repeat, do not try this, unless you can't resist hehehe.

Nutritional Information
(per serving)
Calories 260
Total Fat 15g
Saturated Fat 9g
Cholesterol 61mg
Sodium 130mg
Total Carbohydrate 31g
Dietary Fiber 2g
Sugars --
Protein 3g
Calcium --


* 2 ounce(s) cream cheese, softened
* 3 tablespoon(s) confectioners' sugar
* 1 cup(s) heavy whipping cream
* 1/4 teaspoon(s) vanilla extract
* 1 (10 3/4-ounce) frozen all-butter pound cake, thawed
* 1/2 cup(s) prepared lemon curd
* 2 cup(s) raspberries
* 3 tablespoon(s) seedless raspberry jam
* Lemon-peel strips, for garnish


1. Prepare frosting: In large bowl, with mixer at medium speed, beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add cream and vanilla; increase speed to high and beat until stiff peaks form. Refrigerate frosting while assembling cake.
2. Assemble cake: Cut pound cake horizontally into 3 even slices. Place bottom slice on platter; spread with half of lemon curd. Reserve 1/2 cup raspberries for garnish. Arrange half of remaining raspberries over lemon curd. Spread 1 side of each remaining pound-cake slice with jam. Place 1 pound-cake slice, jam side down, over raspberry-topped cake. Repeat with remaining lemon curd, raspberries, and pound cake. Spread frosting over top and sides of cake. Cover cake loosely with plastic wrap. Refrigerate 2 hours or overnight.
3. To serve, garnish cake with lemon peel and reserved raspberries. Use serrated knife to cut cake crosswise into slices.

2010 Tunic Egyptian Style

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Annouri presents the 2010 collection of tunics, premade hijabs and bags check out their webpage for more styles and prices, free shipping worldwide!.
And yes!, I like purple color ^_^, and here are pics without my url, just if you use don't forget the brand name and a link back to this blog, thank you XOXO

Beauty Tips,

Halal principles give cosmetics firms a makeover

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By Reena Amos Dyes
Emirates bussines 247
The foundations of Dubai's halal cosmetics segment are shaping up at the Beautyworld Middle East trade fair.
An estimated Dh550 million worth of halal merchandise is distributed through Dubai each year, with halal cosmetics constituting a large proportion of this figure.

Talking to Emirates Business ahead of yesterday's opening of the trade fair for cosmetics and beauty products in Dubai, Elaine O'Connell, Senior Show Manager, Beautyworld, Middle East, said: "Dubai's position as a regional commercial centre for halal products is having a strong impact on the sale of halal cosmetics.

"In total, an estimated Dh550 million worth of halal merchandise is distributed through the emirate each year, with personal care items constituting a large proportion of this figure.

"Recent developments contributing to this growth include the Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia's decision to set up its marketing centre in Dubai. So far, 100 companies retailing more than 400 halal products – including cosmetics – have participated in this venture and it is anticipated that over the next five years more than Dh37 billion of halal products will be channelled through this market."

O'Connell said a recent report from the Institute of Personal Care Science of Australia said that the global cosmetics market is worth $334bn (Dh1.2 trillion) and the global halal cosmetics market is estimated at $13bn.In the Middle East, the market size for halal personal care products is estimated to be worth Dh2.06bn.

"The halal cosmetics industry could be the next emerging sector for the halal industry, after halal food and Islamic finance.

"Consumers in Asia, especially Malaysia and Indonesia, have been the first in driving demand for Shariah-compliant health and beauty products, with Malaysia last year drafting a halal certification standard that evaluates the content, modes of production, storage, handling and packaging for cosmetics and beauty products.

"International Halal Integrity Alliance (IHI Alliance) is working on the global standard, which is set for publication this summer, and should help to push sales of cosmetics among Muslims.

And responding to the latent demand, local health and standardisation authorities in the GCC are increasingly working with recognised international halal certification authorities to screen health and beauty products for their compliance with Islamic principles," O'Connell said. Not only is the halal market not affected by the recession, it has followed its own growth path. Nearly a quarter of the world's population are Muslims and the global halal business, estimated by a Malaysian research company to be worth $635bn a year, has expanded from Islamic countries to Western nations with growing Muslim populations. In France, which is home to about five million Muslims, sales of halal food are set to hit $7.2bn in 2010.

Mah Hussain-Gambles, Founder, Saaf Pure Skincare, which was one of the first halal cosmetics company in Europe, said: "The industry has also benefitted from a rising concern about the use of harmful ingredients in cosmetics and 75 per cent of my customers are non-Muslims. The principles are the same – they want something that does not harm the body, the purity and that is exactly the same as the halal movement," she said.

However, despite the huge growth potential for the market for halal cosmetics, awareness about the use of haram (forbidden by Islam) ingredients in cosmetics is still not widespread in the region. Layla Mandi, Founder, OnePure Halal Beauty, said: "It is fairly common knowledge that beauty companies routinely use animal by-products such as collagen, elastin, stearlic acid and hyaluronic acid in their formulations, because these haram ingredients are inexpensive and simply industry standard.

"As a Muslim consumer, I questioned if those by products could be pork. I did some basic research on the rendering industry and found that without question there could be haram ingredients in my skincare.

"However, sadly, most women in the UAE assume that if a product is being sold in the Gulf it must be okay. Therefore education is my primary objective in all my communications."

O'Connell said: "Despite being a Muslim country, use of halal personal care products is relatively low. The key to marketing seems to be creating awareness among consumers that the products they are using already are not halal.

Manufacturers are now starting to address the demand for halal products with toothpastes and cosmetics, which don't have a trace of pork or alcohol in them, coming into the Middle East market. As more halal brands become available in Muslim countries, awareness should grow among consumers and this should help to grow the personal care markets in devout Muslim countries."

The beauty and cosmetics industry is expected to increase globally by 8.5 per cent by 2014, according to recent research from Euro Monitor International, representing one of the few markets that continues to grow despite the global crisis.

Women bus driver in Tehran

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This is another proof to show that being a hijabi not necessarily means that we have to stay at home looking after children and cooking, the Muslim women are free to work and function in any branch and a hijab will not prevents us, on the contrary, it does protects us, We know this as Muslim but some people believe that we live in a state of subjugation and that's an idea mostly get it from the media, who all we know is managed by people who has some interests in not tell true about what really Islam and mostly the importance of woman in Islam

article and pictures from:
Following photos by Mohsen Rezaii show Iranian women bus drivers in the capital city Tehran. Nowadays the Iranian women have an active and successful participation in different social activities. They have great opportunities to realize their potentials in all arenas and be most helpful to family members and society


Cristallized abayas

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more beautiful abayas, but this time sorry guys with the sharepoint url, I have seen moooore of the pictures posted here in other blogs with out a link back, not even posting the brand name when it comes to clothing or accessories so i hate to do this but all I was asking was a link back, I spend a lot of time trying to post something new so if you use the content of the blog pleeease put a link back to this blog .

From the Crystallized collection of Swarovski here they are the most beautifully abayas ever!

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WOW mauritians likes my blog......That's interesting!

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Hello Mauritians visitors, just to invite all of you to join The SharePoint, I hope you had liked all the post that you have read here,
***btw I don't mind if you are using the content of this blog, all what I ask for is a Link back :)
This is what I'm talking about:

This is the information just of one of the visitors from Mauritius, as you can noticed I saved in 4 different pictures because the list was veeeeeeeeeeeeeery long.


Am I becoming a crafty woman???

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who?, Me? hehehe
I think so.

Seriously, once you become mom, then all the mom stuff comes to you without you ask for, since I get married and became a mom,
I have learned a lot of things, from cook,to repair the w.c., yep that's right, you are reading well, hehehe. so now I've gotten to the point where all the crafty things are good and easy (well more or less) for me and the worst thing is that I really enjoy doing it. (am I getting old and becoming a mom who has a lot of free time or what?hehehe)

I've just found this funny caw I will share with you is very easy to do and It could be a toy or if you put a key chain then you have a key holder .

white and pink fielcro
*textil painting
*Movable Eyes

using the molds, cut:
2 bellies
8 legs
2 heads
4 ears
with the white fielkro and with the pink one cut
2 mouths
1.glue the bellies leaving one side open the same with the mouth and glue the other pieaces in pairs
2.introduce some cotton or any other spongy material into the belly and mouth
3.close the belly with the glue
4.make some spots with the bruch and paint
5. there is some idea of how it should look with the spots

6. glue the mouth on the head and paint it with the brush

7.glue one of the ears from behind the head

8.glue the other ear

9.glue a pair of legs from behind the belly

10.glue the other pair of legs infront the belly

11.glue the head to the budy

12.put the movable eyes on the face and you are DONE!

isn't it cute!!

crzy thoughts

Should I stop following you?

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-First of all, when I do follow a blog is because it has something interesting and special,other wise I will not follow it.

-Second, there are some blogs really interesting, others are cute, others are really informative, etc,etc,. so each blog has their own character and style, personally I'm following blogs that really interest me.

lately, when I open my dashboard I didn't see more actualizations or new things then I began to check the blogs that I'm following one by one and it seems that many of them are now deleted or not posting for too long, so I stop following (some times we just leave the blogging word with out say good bye, right).

others are now private , this post is for them :

since I'm not invited and therefore not allowed to read your post then my question is :

Should I stop following you?