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Severe Dandruff Home Remedies

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In order to avoid the main hair enemies it is important to adopt a balanced hair care routine. These severe dandruff home remedies will help you handle this unpleasant condition with the help of natural treatments and recipes. Before you would raid the stores for various chemical ingredients make sure you experiment with these green methods.

The main culprit when it comes of the appearance of dandruff can be an infection that damages the scalp and with it the tresses. Irritation as well as the flaking scalp are some of the main symptoms to look out for. Moreover some might also claim that it can contaminate the scalp thanks to the use of towels and combs of those who already suffer from this unpleasant hair condition. In order to get rid of the tiny flakes that might ruin your look and reputation make sure you try out these severe dandruff home remedies that won't take too much of your spare time and appeals to the use of common ingredients you'll find in your kitchen.

Olive Oil
•In order to be able to fight this unfortunate and severe hair condition use hot olive oil to apply to your locks. Combine the hair care session with a hot steam bath that can do miracles with your scalp allowing it to get rid of the harmful substances. Heat olive oil in a bowl and place it on your strands with great care. Then massage it into the scalp and finally put a damp towel on your tresses and leave it on for at least 10-15 minutes. The positive results will be visible after a few occasions.
Apple Juice •Fruits have a high anti-oxidants content and apples are extremely rich in this ingredients. In order to say goodbye to your flaky scalp make sure you prepare the following tonic for your hair. Extract the juice of an apple and mix 2 tbs of it with 2 tbs of warm water.
•Pour it onto your hair then massage it with great care to make sure all the strands are tackled. Leave the tonic on for at least 15-20 minutes then wash it off with tepid water. Include this useful ritual into your weekly routine and go on with it for at least 3 weeks to have the desired result.

Almond Oil
•Natural oils are perfect to cure you from the most stubborn hair and skin problems. This time all you have to do is purchase a small amount of almond oil and massage it into your scalp. Additionally after the massage session is done make sure you wrap your locks in a towel you dipped into hot water. Make sure the towel stays warm all the time. Keep on with this ritual for at least 2 times per week and make sure you follow the instructions to have the result you were longing for.

Baking Soda
•Baking soda is used for numerous problems and purposes. In this case wash your hair as you naturally do then take a palm full of baking soda and rub it into your tresses. Leave it on for 2 minutes then rinse it off with pure tepid water. Continue practicing this ritual for at least twice a week until you finally get rid of the dandruff.

Pillowcase Tote Tutorial

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Don't you love shortcuts?, especially when the end result looks anything but quick and easy!
Because this reusable shopping tote is made from a pillowcase, it’s halfway finished
before you even start it. Using a standard pillowcase allows you to skip some of the
cutting and sewing steps you’d normally encounter—which means less time fussing and
more time creating! The bag is surprisingly strong and takes up almost no space when
folded, making it a great shopping bag or extra travel tote.

finished measurements
18 3/4" x 26" (47.5cm x 66cm)
• Standard pillowcase
(approximately 20" x 30" [51cm x
• Iron and ironing board
• Ruler
• Seam ripper
• 2 packages (8 yards) [7.3m]
1/4"- (6mm-) wide double-fold
bias tape in contrasting color
• Sewing machine and thread to
match pillowcase and bias tape

1. Iron the pillowcase to get out all the
wrinkles. Fold the pillowcase in half
lengthwise with the opening at the
top and the fold on the right. On the
folded side edge, mark a point approximately
15" (38cm) from the bottom.
On the opposite side, mark a
point approximately 16" (40.5cm)
from the bottom. On the top edges
mark points approximately 3 7/8"
(10cm) in from each side. Draw the
bag handles as shown, connecting
each side point to the top of the pillowcase.
Use a ruler to help draw
straight lines and to keep the straps
2 1/4" (5.5cm) wide for the most part,
until they begin to curve toward the
side edges. Open the pillowcase up;
it will look like a tank top.
2. Using a seam ripper, rip out the pillowcase
hem at the top of all the
straps and iron flat.
3. Fold the pillowcase in half again, as
before, and trim straps so the whole
piece measures approximately 29"
(74cm) from the bottom of the pillowcase.
I love shortcuts, especially when the end result looks anything but quick and easy!
Because this reusable shopping tote is made from a pillowcase, it’s halfway finished
before you even start it. Using a standard pillowcase allows you to skip some of the
cutting and sewing steps you’d normally encounter—which means less time fussing and
more time creating! The bag is surprisingly strong and takes up almost no space when
folded, making it a great shopping bag or extra travel tote.

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Perfume Bottles

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A perfume bottle can mean many things to many people. But in business terms perfume bottles can make or break your products success. Some people may think that it is a minor detail in the big picture, a mere feather in the crown of the booming perfume industry. But there is truly so much more to perfume bottles than just what meets the eye.

At its most basic, a perfume bottle is a mere receptacle. Most people would agree that "it's what's inside that counts." This is true. But even if you have the best quality of product in any form, if it is encapsulated in grime or an unattractive container, no one will buy it. In order for a perfume to smell good, it has to look good first.

The perfume bottle is the initiator of customer loyalty. Before the customer sprays some liquid on his or her pulse points or sniffs the aroma in the air, he or she will first have to be attracted to the perfume bottle's design.

Perfume bottles communicate different moods. Formal people will enjoy rigid designs and subtle classic colors, whilst younger females are more likely to love those in bright pinks and voluptuously shaped containers.

The bottle must not just represent the company which made the perfume, it must also mirror the target market's desires and aspirations. You cannot expect a perfume bottle designed for corporate people to be something that will get the teenager's attention. Nor can you expect pastel-colored and eccentrically shaped perfume bottles to generate the approving eye of more conservative groups.

Placing the bottle amidst a sea of others in a department store or A-line boutique is like entering your perfume in a beauty pageant, and rooting for it to garner first place in the hearts of perfume aficionados. The perfume bottle is the ambassadress of the perfume brand. It will represent not just one product, but the entire line of products that are associated with who produced that perfume bottle's contents.

Nonetheless, a perfume bottle is still a receptacle, so it must also maintain its functionality despite all the variations it can come in. A strong base to keep it standing and some symmetry and material that will preserve the scent for prolonged storage periods is also something that customers will want to see.

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Thinking in all those Muslims living in Non-Muslim countries and the difficulty (or the high cost) to find everyday-use, Halal Products,principally Beauty Soap, I thought:, What if we make our own soap?

I know for some of you this sounds a little complicated or even impossible to do because it involves some of chemistry and it could be a bit dangerous if you don't follow all the precautions that the process involves, but if we have the most important thing to do it "TIME" then everything moves alone, here is a manual with all the necessary explanations of the process, made by Suzanne Pepin great photographer, soap maker, chef, etc,etc.
I hope you like it and try it, she mention on the manual animal fat but you can substitute it by vegetable fat.

Once you have learn the technique then you will be able to give your personal touch to all your soaps, those soaps are a great idea for gifts or to add an unique touch to your bathroom.


Hijab & Long Nails

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I think we want to be too "Modern" or what is going on here?, every day I see this "Modern" and what they guess "Elegant" Muslim women with such a beautiful(I have to admit it looks really nice) nail polish even with some "accessories" on their nails, which for any normal, common (Call it as you like) Muslim this is just forbidden, this makes me thing that we are trying and trying so hard to be "Moderns" while being Muslims, but we are loosing the whole concept of being a Muslim, I mean we can be as modern and elegant as any other non-Muslim and yet follow Islam rules, but there is a really thin line between the correct and the forbidden, and the only way to don't fall into the wrong do's is the Education, Islam orders all Muslims to pursuit Knowledge, so lets try to read, and read, and read and every day learn something new.

What is the ruling on men or women letting their nails grow long?

If it is forbidden, what is the wisdom behind this prohibition?Praise be to ALLAH.

Cutting the nails is part of the fitrah, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The fitrah is five things: circumcision, removing the pubic hair, trimming the moustache, cutting the nails, and plucking the armpit hairs.” (Reported by al-Bukhaari and Muslim).

According to another hadeeth, ten things are part of the fitrah, including cutting the nails. Anas (may ALLAH be pleased with him) said: “The Messenger of ALLAH (peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him) set a time limit for us to cut our moustaches, cut our nails, pluck our armpit hairs and shave our pubic hairs: we were not to leave it any longer than forty days.” (Reported by Ahmad, Muslim and al-Nisaa’i; this version narrated by Ahmad).

Whoever does not cut his nails is going against the fitrah. The reason behind this is cleanliness and hygiene, because dirt can gather under the nails. It also serves the purpose of making us different from those among the kuffaar who allow their nails to grow long, and from animals that have claws and talons. (Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah, 5/173).

Most women nowadays have fallen into the trap of resembling savage animals with their long claw-like nails, which they then paint with nail polish. This ugly appearance looks utterly repulsive to any intelligent person whose fitrah is sound. Another bad habit that many people have is to leave one nail long. All of this is clearly contrary to the ways of the fitrah. We ask ALLAH to keep us safe and sound. ALLAH is the Guide to the Straight Path.

Islam Q&A
Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

Islam orders only that which is beautiful and prohibits only that which is ugly.
Not cutting one’s nail for more than forty days is dislikeable. Ahmad, Abu Dawud and others reported from Anas who said: “The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) fixed a deadline for cutting the nails, plucking out the armpit hair and shaving the pubic hair (he ordered us) not to leave any of those more than 40 days.”

From the above, as long as the nails do not hold any impurities that affect the validity of prayers and as long as they haven’t been cut for only less than forty days, then there is no objection to leaving them. But after 40 days, they should be cut as specified earlier. .
ALLAH knows best.

** Sayyiduna Ali (radiAllahu anhu) says it is better to start cutting nails from the little finger of the right hand, then the middle finger, followed by the thumb, then the ring finger, and lastly, the pointer. In the left hand start from the thumb, then the middle finger, and then the little finger, then the pointer, and lastly, the ring finger.
The above is a complicated way and a difficult one for the common men to remember.

** There is another easy method of cutting the nails, also reported from Sayyiduna Rasulullah (Sallall Laahu alaihi Wasalaam). That is to start cutting the nails from the pointer of the right hand and finish with the little finger. Then start cutting the nails of the left hand beginning from the little finger and finish with the thumb and finally cut the nails of the right thumb. (Durr-e-Mukhtar)
Barakallahu Fikum.

Remember Me and all of Ummah in ur pray … Jazak ALLAH Khair