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More than 30 Henna inspired cakes

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Indian weddings are truly one of the most elaborate affairs in India. As you probably are aware many rituals are practiced during this event.

 One of the most important of this heritage, especially for the bride, is Mehndi (commonly known as henna)this tradition is not only seen in Indian weddings also Muslims use this henna and is an important part of the wedding tradition, the night before the wedding bride and groom (Separately) will have a party called Henna, were they will dance and share with family and friends and bride will have this henna designs painted on her body with intricate and elaborate patterns.

 Many brides go further by choosing a Henna wedding theme for their ceremony and one of the most important parts of this celebration is the Cake, here some of the most amazing designs of Henna inspired Cakes, Enjoy!

A Fashionable Islamic Art

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Salam wa leykum dear fans and visitors, I would like to share with you some information about what what islamic Art is and where you can find some of this amazing pieces for your home decoration .
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 Islamic art is often vibrant and distinctive,and unlike Christian art, Islamic art isn't restricted to religious work, but includes all the artistic traditions in Muslim culture. Its strong aesthetic appeal transcends time and space, as well as differences in language and culture.

This is because of common features in all Islamic art which give it a remarkable coherence, regardless of the country or the time in which it was created.
Some of the essentials of Islamic Art is the Calligraphy, it is considered a major art-form,also writing has high status in Islam since is a significant decoration for objects and buildings,Books are a major art form,People do not appear in specifically religious artgeometry and patterns are very important,Islamic art includes all Muslim art, not just explicitly religious art,it seeks to portray the meaning and essence of things, rather than just their physical form, crafts and decorative arts are regarded as having full art status,painting and sculpture are not thought of as the noblest forms of art.

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 let's talk more about Calligraphy since is one of the major art form in Islamic Art and perhaps, one of the traditional and distinctive caracteristic of Islam. We had said how calligraphy is used in decoration for objects and buildings, but how can we add this decorative style to our homes?

Well  Luxury Art: Heavens Islamic Words have just what you need, you can find amazing frames with quranic verses both in Arabic or English,this is just a sample of their work if you want to know more you can contact them by clicking here

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We Muslim women are not different from Non-Muslim Women,We like all things feminine and beautiful and despite what other cultures and religions may think about us we are very fashionable, the only difference is perhaps we have a balance between what is permitted by Allah and what is forbidden since we Muslims are ruled by the Qur'an and the examples of the prophet (PBUH).
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 There is a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad that says: "Allah is beautiful and he loves beauty."For Muslims, beauty has always been and will always be a quality of the divine,  Muslim Women put a big emphasis in decorating their homes, you should see how pleasant is to visit friends and see their own styles and Islamic traditions, but there is always something in common and that is the calligraphy and kind of art you will find in all homes including mine,something that is  easy to find and buy when you live in a Muslim Country like Egypt,but if you live in a non-Muslim country visit  Luxury Art: Heavens Islamic Words  page and enjoy traying to find whish of all the beautiful frames they have you may want to buy for your home.

For me a converted Muslim I found the Islamic decoration just fascinating, we are use to simple and minimalistic designs,so let me tell you a bit more about the meaning of Islamic Art

The Meaning and beauty
  The art of the Islamic world reflects its cultural values, and reveals the way Muslims view the spiritual realm and the universe.Art is the mirror of a culture and its world view.
For  Muslim, reality begins with and centers on Allah.
Allah is at the heart of worship and aspirations for Muslims, and is the focus of our lives.
So Islamic art focuses on the spiritual representation of objects and beings, and not their physical qualities.
This lets the artist, and those who experience the art, get closer to Allah.The Muslim artist does not attempt to replicate nature as it is, but tries to convey what it represents.
A common feature of Islamic art is the covering of surfaces covered with geometric patterns.Geometry This use of geometry is thought to reflect the language of the universe and help the believer to reflect on life and the greatness of creation.
So how is geometry seen to be spiritual?
  • Because circles have no end they are infinite - and so they remind Muslims that Allah is infinite.
  • Complex geometric designs create the impression of unending repetition, and this also helps a person get an idea of the infinite nature of Allah.
  • The repeating patterns also demonstrate that in the small you can find the infinite ... a single element of the pattern implies the infinite total.

The repeated geometric patterns often make use of plant motifs, and these are called arabesques. Stylized Arabic lettering is also common.
The use of patterns is part of the way that Islamic art represents nature and objects by their spiritual qualities, not their physical and material qualities.
< Islamic arts and crafts The integration of arts and crafts into everyday life was very much the norm in the traditional Islamic world.
The idea is that as Islam is integral to every part of a Muslim's life and makes it beautiful, so Islamic art should be used to make the things of everyday life beautiful.
The emphasis in Islamic art is on ornamentation rather than on art for art's sake.

 *****Just to make something clear, I don't make reviews of any company all the post talking about companies or products that you find in this blog are not payed,nor solicited by their owners or any person working on the companies mentioned here, this is just information I would like to share will all of you, specially those Muslims living in non-Muslim countries were we know is difficult sometimes to find all this kind of products,have saying that, visit their page for more pictures and style I personally love all their products.*****

Luxury Art: Heavens Islamic Words

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DIY Bridal Makeup: Tips and Tricks for your Wedding Day Look

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Thinking of  brandishing your own make-up brushes on your wedding day? More and more ladies are creating their own bridal looks – and they may be on to something. Not only does DIY beauty  give you the chance to customize your look, but it also gives you the chance to treat yourself to an entire makeup bag full of new products. Take some wedding day makeup tips from us, and you’ll be looking flawless for your photos in no time…

The key to great wedding photographs is a glowing complexion. Matte makeup may seem flat, so opt for formulas that will perk your skin up and add healthy radiance..

- Instant light complexion perfector:

  A lightweight skin brightener smoothes and evens out the complexion. It’s a make-up  essential that is incredibly versatile – mix with your usual foundation for a beautiful dewiness, and then dot along the cheekbones, across the forehead, down the nose, in the cupid’s bow and on the chin to catch the light. Even if your foundation is matte, you’ll get a beautiful, natural glow.

-Meteorites compact

You don’t want to worry about excess shine on your big day, so make sure you tuck a finishing powder into your bag.

 Constant touch-ups on your busy big day aren’t ideal. You want products that will last for hours and retain their colour beautifully.

-Long wear lip colour

You’ve got lots of eating, drinking and chatting to do, so you need a lip colour that will stay looking great throughout.
 Before anything else, it’s important to get the basics right when it comes to your peepers. Perfectly frame your eyes with these must-have products..

- Brow shadows 

Well-groomed brows really pull your look together. A stronger brow is essential when you’re having photographs taken, as it will properly frame your face and make you look more ‘done’.

-Waterproof Eyeliner

A foolproof trick for adding instant intensity is to define the eyes with eyeliner. This will shape your eyes and add depth,  lining the eyes. waterproof color will last for hours – even on the waterline.


Fluttery lashes are an instant eye-opener.
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Smoky look with emeral green, tutorial

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Easy tutorial for an Emerald  Green smokey eye, color of the year 2013

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From Russia Amazing necklace sets

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amazing chunky style necklace,perfect for this spring