Mawlid al-Nabi (the Prophet’s birthday)

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Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and all his family and companions.

The commands mentioned in the Qur'an and sunnah to follow the laws of Allah and His Messenger, and the prohibitions on introducing innovations into the religion are quite clear. Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):
"Say (O Muhammad to mankind): 'If you (really) love Allah, then follow me (i.e. accept Islamic Monotheism, follow the Qur'an and the sunnah), Allah will love you and forgive you your sins'." [Al-Qur'an 3:31]
"Follow what has been sent down unto you from your Lord (theQur'an and Prophet Muhammad's sunnah), and follow not anyawliya' (protectors and helpers who order you to associate partners in worship with Allah), besides Him (Allah). Little do you remember!" [Al-Qur'an 7:3]
"And verily, this is My straight path, so follow it, and follow not (other) paths, for they will separate you away from His path." [Al-Qur'an 6:153]
And the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said, "The most truthful of speech is the Book of Allah and the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad, and the most evil of things are those which are newly-invented." And he, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said,"Whoever innovates anything in this matter of ours (i.e., Islam), that is not part of it will have it rejected." [Narrated by al-Bukhari, no. 2697; Muslim, no. 1718]. According to a version narrated by Muslim, "Whoever doe anything that is not in accordance with this matter of ours (i.e., Islam), will have it rejected."
Among the reprehensible innovations that people have invented is the celebration of the birthday of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, in the month of Rabi' al-Awwal. They celebrate this occasion in various ways:
  • Some of them simply make it an occasion to gather and read the story of the Mawlid, then they present speeches and qasidah (odes) for this occasion;
  • Some of them make food and sweets etc., and offer them to the people present;
  • Some of them hold these celebrations in the mosques, and some of them hold them in their houses; and
  • Some people do not limit themselves to the actions mentioned above; they include in these gatherings haram and reprehensible things, such as free mixing of men and women, dancing and singing, or committing actions of shirk such as seeking the help of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, calling upon him, seeking his support against their enemies and so on.
Whatever form it takes and whatever the intentions of those who do this are, there is no doubt whatsoever that it is an invented, haram innovation which was introduced after the three best centuries in order to corrupt the religion of the Muslims. The first person to do this after them was the King al-Muzaffar Abu Sa'id Kawkaburi, the King of Irbil, at the end of the sixth century or the beginning of the seventh century after hijrah, as was mentioned by the historians such as Ibn Khalikan and others. Abu Shamah said, "The first person to do that in Mosul was Shaykh 'Umar ibn Muhammad al-Mala, one of the well-known righteous people. Then the ruler of Irbil and others followed his example."
Al-Hafidh ibn Kathir said in al-Bidayah wa an-Nihayah (13/137), in his biography of Abu Sa'id Kawkaburi, "He used to observe the mawlid in Rabi' al-Awwal and hold a huge celebration on that occasion … some of those who were present at the feast of al-Muzaffar on some occasions of themawlid said that he used to offer in the feast five thousand grilled heads of sheep, ten thousand chickens and one hundred thousand large dishes, and thirty trays of sweets … he would let the Sufis sing from dhuhr untilfajr, and he himself would dance with them."
Ibn Khalikan said in Wafiyat al-A'yan (3/274), "When it is the first of Safar they decorate those domes with various kinds of fancy adornments, and in every dome there sits a group of singers and a group of puppeteers and players of musical instruments, and they do not leave any one of those domes without setting up a group (of performers) there. The people give up work during this period, and they do no work except going around and watching the entertainment. When there are two days to go until themawlid, they bring out a large number of camels, cows and sheep, more than can be described, and they accompany them with all the drums, songs and musical instruments that they have, until they bring them to the square… On the night of the mawlid there are performances of nasheeds after maghrib in the citadel."
This is the origin of this celebration on the occasion of the Prophet's birthday. More recently idle entertainment, extravagance, and wasting of money and time have become associated with an innovation for which Allah has not sent down any authority.
What Muslims should do is to revive the Sunnah and put an end to bid'ah(innovation); they should not do any action until they know the ruling of Allah concerning it.
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Being Me! Woman, Latina and Muslim

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Now days nothings seems more deemed than to be a Muslim, Woman and add to the list being Latina.
Mariana Aguilera
Founder/Modest Fashion + Style Editor
Read her article here: Being Me! Woman, Latina and Muslim,  American Society's New Class Mix

There is a need in all human beings of belonging; to a family, to a group to a community etc, As it wasn't hard enough to be a Muslim, Woman and Latina, finding people and communities to identify within the Muslim community is even harder,Though Islam promotes unity, Arabs stick with Arabs, Pakistani with Pakistani, Black with Black leaving out Latino and White Muslim converts hanging in the wind and wondering from community to community.

I have been blessed enough (Al hamdulillah!) to have a beautiful in-lows and be accepted between Egyptian society, now I can tell that we Latinos are not too different form most of  Arab communities, we have a strong sense of what family means and though there are obvious differences is really not too hard when you convert to Islam, at least in my case, there was a sense of relief when I finally found what I was looking for, respect, equality (in Allah's eyes) and the peace that Islam brought to my heart, but there is still that need of belonging that I don't have now with my real family, I miss to speak in my language and talk about things I used to do and like there, now I'm the "Different" in the family though, I really appreciate the respect to my believes and the acceptance from them with me, things are( and I really don't thing there will be a change soon) different.

I'm sure the felling is mutual between converted from non Arab cultures, we need to remember that Islam is what make us one, and the support should come from our brothers and sisters in religion, therefore all Muslims should be together as a huge family around the world, and that is in us to keep this message of unity by fighting racism between Muslim communities.


you are intelligent enough...!!!

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". . .you are intelligent enough to know that there is plenty left to learn."

One of the things I love the most about Islam is how it encourage the acquisition of knowledge,so you can have enough information and make your own choices. 

"The more you want to know, the more you will learn."


Do you remember the men of Sodom?

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Aquila Style did it again!,
 this self called Muslim page is promoting a LESBIAN woman, who pretend to know a about Islam and call her self a Muslim???,This is the West's plan to modify Islam and make it more convenient to what they believe.

"Irshad is referring to her mission of spurring change in the mindsets of Muslim societies today"
The people of Sodom practiced homosexual activities, the tribe was destroyed in a terrible disaster by Allah.
Allah's Messenger (saas) said:
- "In the End Times men will come forth who will fraudulently use religion for worldly ends and wear sheepskins in public to display meekness. Their tongues will be sweeter than sugar, but their hearts will be the hearts of wolves."(Tirmidhi)
-There will appear in latter times a people who will gain this world with the help of religion.(Tirmidhi)
-There will be an abundance of critics, tale-carriers, backbiters and taunters in society.(Al-Muttaqi Al-Hindi, Muntakhab Kanzul Ummaal)
-Near the establishment of the Hour there will be days during which (religious) knowledge will be taken away (vanish) and general ignorance will spread...(Bukhari)
May Allah protect us from this kind of people and never let us stray away from the right path.
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Education is the secret !

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Read, as much as you can!

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Khloe Kardashian With Niqab

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Last Tuesday Khloe Kardashian shared a selfie she posted to Instagram  with her 22.9 million followers,  woring a niqab, a facial covering worn by Muslim women, alongside the caption "Habibi Love." The word "habibi" is an Arabic term meaning "my baby" or "my darling" and people got really angry about it, some criticized Kardashian for posing in the traditional garment. 

One important thing that's been left out so far, us tghat Khloe is in Dubai.

We must say: Sisters Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian have also worn similar attire while in Dubai, despite the fact that it is not mandatory in the region, especially not for foreigners visiting the country.

With that in mind, you could argue that Khloe's merely adhering to the cultural mores of the country she's currently visiting. As one, more measured commenter noted on Khloe's Instagram, "She is being respectful as she is in Dubai... and we should just appreciate her respect." After all, you can't get angry at a celebrity for showing skin in a mosque, and then ALSO freak out when a different celebrity respectfully covers up.

So where do you side? Was Khloe out of line or is the Outrage Machine once again too riled up?

Perhaps we should stop criticizing and concerning about these people and begin to take care of our own actions, curiosity is great when used in good ways, this could (In sha allah) be that little step on knowing more about Islam for this young woman, we criticize if they are naked and also if they are covered in a MUSLIM COUNTRY what would you expect her to do?, wear lace?

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Worst Beauty Trends in the Middle East That Need to Die

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Beauty Trends in the Middle East That Need to Die

Khaoula Ghanem / Beauty Counter 

Tattooed eyebrows, drawing in your bottom lashes, blown-out perms—these are just some of the trends that we would all rather forget and write off as a momentary lapse of judgment. Unfortunately, there are a few beauty looks that seem to transcend the perpetual cycle of fads. We’ve rounded up the worst  beauty trends in the Middle East that need to die, now.

Costume Makeup

You shouldn’t look like you’ve just come back from your wedding when you’re at the beach. Contouring, false eyelashes, and dark lips should be saved for a night out or a special occasion. Keep your daily look minimal and simple and replace the foundation with a CC cream, contour with blush, and swap the dark lip colors for a tinted lip balm.

Colored Contacts

Colored eyes are not only pretty, they also have the ability to enhance your overall look—just not when they are so obviously fake. 

Brassy Blond Hair

Photo: Instagram/@nawalelzoghbi
Arab women are known for having beautiful, thick, raven hair; so it’s always disappointing when they decide to go down the lighter route and even more so when their hair turns orange instead of blond. 

Overly Drawn Eyebrows

Photo: Instagram/@rola_saad
What is worse than overly plucked eyebrows? Overly drawn eyebrows. Ladies, please keep the pencil on your natural brow line—better yet, drop the pencil altogether. Instead, opt for a wax-based eyebrow filler

Bad Lip Fillers

Photo: Instagram/@nicolesabaaa
We blame Kylie Jenner for this one. A plump pout is sultry and sexy—a bad lip job is not. Your lips should not look like they’re bee-stung. Ditch the excessive Botox and try these makeup tricks to achieve a fuller lip.

Extreme Photoshop 
Exaggerated use of Photoshop that we can't even recognize a person, here an example, Egyptian Actress Ghada Abdel Razek (49), do you notice something, let's do a check list with our previous trends

Very natural look √

                                                          Photoshop , where are where spots?           

    Again Photoshop, but this time you  can see her spots 

-Custom makeup √
-Colored contacts √
-Overlay Drawn Eyebrows √
-Lip Fillers √
yes, she just missed the Brassy blond hair!, worst part is, she is not the only one, it seems that ALL!!!  Egyptian and Arab actresses are doing exactly the same, in no way even if all this people are doing it, we can and we should not follow this "trend", the normal people who live by a honest work and appreciate what Allah have given us since that is what make us unique.

Dancing: What Is Allowed and What Is Not?

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Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.
Islam is a religion of moderation and does not approve of either extremism or negligence. It does not prevent people from having entertainment; however, it provides the rules that regulate this entertainment. At the same time, Islam does not tolerate any kind of entertainment that contains haram (unlawful) or even leads to haram behavior.
Reauters-Egyptian women dance after the signing of a wedding contract in Cairo.

Dancing can be either between women, between men, or mixed between both sexes. It is allowed for women to dance together unless it involves revealing any of the woman’s `awrah – that is, the parts of the body between the navel and the knee – in front of other women. It is also allowed unless the dancing means that mandatory obligations will not be carried out or if it coincides with unlawful acts.
In this regard, Dr. Su’ad Salih, professor of Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) at Al-Azhar University , states,Islam is a religion of moderation; it does not prevent singing and dancing, but it forbids anything that stimulates people’s desires, whether it be among men or women. Women are supposed to observe good manners if they dance in front of other women. They should not exceed the limits by doing anything that stimulates desires and incites evil. There are many cases where women are tempted by other women.

However, if a woman dances in front of her husband, then there is no restriction, as it is a way of cementing relations between spouses – and this a key pillar of establishing the Muslim family.
Moreover, Dr. Salim Ahmad Salamah, Dean of the Faculty of Usul Ad-Deen at the Islamic University, Gaza , adds,It is permissible for women to dance and sing as long as there are no males around. In addition, the words of the song should be free from any foul words or vulgarity. Thus, as long as the words of the song are pure and clean and there are no males, there is nothing wrong in dancing.

By analogy, men are allowed to dance together as long as they cover their `awrah (the parts of the body between the navel and the knee) and there is no fear of temptation.

Men and women dancing together is absolutely haram in all cases, except when a wife dances in front of her husband. The reason behind this prohibition is that with mixed dancing bodily contact is close and improper sexual desires are aroused. This has been strictly forbidden by Islam in an attempt to block the way against evil. If men and women were permitted to dance together, a lot of haram acts could occur. That is why mixed dancing is not allowed.

Allah Almighty knows best.
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Botox-An Islamic Ruling

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 by the Research Committee of IslamToday

Botox is used to remove the signs of aging, the effects that aging has upon the skin. The treatment is widely used around the world – including the Muslim world – to remove wrinkles from the skin. 

Muslims have expressed reservations about using Botox, because an enzyme derived from pig's milk is used in its manufacture.

This brings up the concern of whether Botox is a pre or impure substance. If it proves to be an impure substance, then its medicinal use would be restricted to cases of medical need, and it would not be allowed for mere cosmetic treatments. 

Botox is a trade name for a protein called botulinum toxin which is produced naturally by the baterium Clostridium. It is not, therefore of porcine origin. It is not a pork bi-product. It is not derived from pig's milk. 

However, an enzyme taken from pig's milk is introduced a culture of Clostridium in order to stimulate the production of the protein.

Botox is used to remove the signs of aging, the effects that aging has upon the skin. The treatment is widely used around the world – including the Muslim world – to remove wrinkles from the skin.
Muslims have expressed reservations about using Botox, because an enzyme derived from pig's milk is used in its manufacture.

This brings up the concern of whether Botox is a pre or impure substance. If it proves to be an impure substance, then its medicinal use would be restricted to cases of medical need, and it would not be allowed for mere cosmetic treatments.

Botox is a trade name for a protein called botulinum toxin which is produced naturally by the baterium Clostridium. It is not, therefore of porcine origin. It is not a pork bi-product. It is not derived from pig's milk.

However, an enzyme taken from pig's milk is introduced a culture of Clostridium in order to stimulate the production of the protein.

 Carefull with this substances since they are not a permanent remedy it can let you to an addiction and end up like he.
     Botox Doc Fredric Brandt Found Dead;'Devastated' By Parody In  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

Janet Kettels, a spokesman for Allergan, which manufactures the product, describes the process as follows:
The manufacturing process includes growing of bacterium using a culture containing an enzyme derived from pig's milk. A specialized purification process removes the pig-derived enzyme and produces a purified medical protein called botulinum toxin, which is an active ingredient in Botox.
She asserts that the final version of the product does not contain any pig-derived enzymes.

There are two aspects of Islamic purity law that we should like to consider. One is that of transformation and the other is that of the ruling of an otherwise lawful animal or plant that is fed on impure substances.

Transformation of a substance (istihâlah) can affect the substance's ruling with respect to purity.

Transformation of an impure substance occurs when it loses its physical properties or its namesake is removed. Such transformation can be achieved by increasing quantity of other substances, or by exposure to the sun or air, or by chemical processes, which is the most effective factor these days.

Scholars give a number of examples for this: impurity can be removed and impure items could be transformed into pure ones just as alcohol becomes pure when it is changed into vinegar, or just as impure substances become pure when they are incinerated and turn into ashes, or just as the body of a dog or pig becomes pure if it falls into a salt spring and become as salt itself.

If we consider what takes place between the enzyme taken from the pig's milk and the botulinum toxin that results from a complex biochemical process using bacteria, we can see that the divergence is far more radical that what the scholars were talking about when they discussed the process of transformation.

This conclusion is even more emphatic when we consider that the enzyme is completely removed once the desired chemical is produced. The botulinum toxin is not merely a transformed substance. It is a completely independent substance that does not incorporate in itself anything of the enzyme that was used to stimulate its production.

Jallâlah (what is fed on impurities)
Animals that are fed on impure substances – referred to in Islamic Law as jallâlah – are a matter of disagreement among Islamic scholars. Some scholars consider such animals and their milk to be unlawful for human consumption if the majority of their fodder is impure. According to this opinion, if more than 50 % of an animal’s fodder is from dead meat, blood, or other impure substances, then its meat and milk is prohibited. If 50 % or less of its feed comes from impure substances, then its meat and milk will be lawful.

Other scholars hold the view that the meat and milk of such animals will not be prohibited unless the impurity noticeably affects the taste or smell of the animal’s meat or its milk.

There is also the question of using impure substances as fertilizer to grow crops. The position of the majority of scholars is that the produce does not become unlawful or impure on account of that. The produce only becomes impure if the effects of the impurity are discernable in the fruit and grain itself. This is based on the principle that the impurities have been transformed and the produce should not be considered impure.

The Hanbalî school of thought differs on this matter, though Sheikh al-`Uthaymîn, a leading Hanbalî scholar of our times, is of the view that the opinion of the majority should be adopted. He writes:
The well-known position in the Hanbalî school of law is that fruits and produce that had been watered or fertilized with impurities are unlawful until they are watered with pure water and the essence of the impurities are removed. On this basis, it would impermissible to use such water or fertilizer at the time when the fruits are present, since it would lead to the produce becoming impure and unlawful.

However, the position of the majority of scholars is that the produce does not become unlawful or impure on account of that. The produce only becomes impure if the effects of the impurity are discernible in the fruit and grain itself. This is the correct view. Generally, the impurities are transformed and no effects of them are to be found in the fruit and grain.
Furthermore, what we are dealing with in the process of manufacturing Botox is far less serious than proper nourishment, since the bacterium is not being nourished on pig's milk at all. The process merely introduces an enzyme derived from pig's milk to stimulate the production of the botulinum toxin.

An enzyme is a chemical that catalyzes a biochemical reaction. It is not incorporated into the resulting substance. It is not absorbed by it in the way that food is constituted into a living body. In the making of Botox, once the bacteria produce the desired chemical, the enzyme – as well as the bacteria culture itself – is completely removed. 

Therefore, we conclude that Botox should not be regarded as an impure substance. The impurities that are possibly introduced into the process of manufacturing Botox are not present in the final product. Moreover, that product in no way resembles the possibly impure substance that was used in its manufacture.

We see no reason for prohibiting the use of Botox to remove the signs of aging as long as using the substance is safe and poses no threats to a person's health. 

And Allah knows best.
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My best wishes for you ^_^

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Asalam wa leykum

oh gotta love every time a new  hero "man" appears trying to "Save" and "Liberate" all girls wearing HIJAB,
"Take off your hijab" , "Feel liberated",etc,etc.  You know the kind of arguments someone without a bit of knowledge of what hijab means, and why Allah has ordered to cover us in order to protect ourselves.

When  we are living in a country were nearly 99% of its female population has been harassed on the streets I find a bit of difficulty trying to understand this kind of "Help" that this people is proposing.

So I think it will  be first take off your hijab
 and then take off your clothes?, 
or how??

"Because HIJAB IS THE CROWN that Allah has given me.", S.H.
S.M. Photography 

If wearing my hijab bugs you, sorry for you, very deep inside, you acknowledge that I'm doing the right,
 If I wear modest and it bothers you, very deep inside, you acknowledge that I'm doing the right
If I don't do haram things and it does bother you, very deep inside, you acknowledge that I'm doing the right...

Nobody is perfect, that's why we should acquire knowledge and make ourselves better every day in every aspect, if you feel uncomfortable between hijabis then you should stop and think why is that happening?

My best wishes for you who is reading this words, is to always do the right and the best for your relationship with your god, after all, one day we will leave this world, we will be alone, no one will come to protect us except Allah, think on the torment of the grave, visualize yourself on it every time you are in doubt of your actions, if they are right or wrong, remember if you are not sure if something is haram or not then is advisable to don't do such action, and Allah knows best!

2015 Fashion,

Marsala Makeup Tutorial (Color of the year 2015)

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Do Makeup Like A Pro: Marsala Inspired Look

Pantone's Official Color of the Year for 2015 Marsala

 The gorgeous terracotta red shade of Marsala is flattering against many skin tones and in this video we show you how to do Marsala like a pro and get the sophisticated look.

crzy thoughts,


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      Umm Reem (Saba Syed)
      Via:  Muslim Matters 

“OMG, the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is coming out!” a high-school girl I mentor cheers with excitement. I nod but don't say anything. “I have to tell my friend. She will be thrilled. It is her favorite book!”
I feel goose bumps on my skin, because I happen to know her friend as well. She is not an ordinary girl. Masha'Allah, she just finished memorizing Qur'an earlier this year out of her own dedication, while maintaining full time high school.
“You do know that it's not only a soft-porn book, but it also has some really disturbing material.” I remind her.
“No Miss, apart from all that stuff, it has an amazing love story!” her voice melts as she recalls the “love” between Ana and Christian Grey.

Last summer, I skimmed through the series to be aware of what our young women are reading. Needless to say, the more I read the book the more horrified I was.
It was the first time in years –after the Twilight series–that I asked my teen daughter not to read a book, and I explained to her my reasons, “If you read this book now, you will have a messed up concept of sex, and some content may even be emotionally disturbing and psychologically damaging.”
She promised, and since then she's been offered the book several times at her “Islamic” school. Not only has the trilogy made it to this Muslim country where I currently live— pornographic material is banned here– it also has found its way to the hands of practicing Muslim girls.
I understand that it is not easy to stop the young adults from reading a book, let alone a trilogy so popular that it has sold more than 70 million copies in 2012, even surpassing the Harry Potter series as the fastest selling paperback of all time . The book is popular in the West and in the East, among the non-Muslims and Muslims. So now that most of our teens have read it, who is going to do the damage control?
Let me start of by explaining why I'm alarmed by this specific trilogy though there are many errotic books available out there.
Because this trilogy has become more famous than any other book, sending the author straight to the top of the highest-earning authors' list.
My real concern however, lies in the plot—this is a disturbing book about a millionaire sadist who enslaves young girls under a “mutual agreement” and inflicts physical pain on them for his sexual pleasure and in return he offers them generous amount of money and cossets them with lavish cars, extravagant clothes and jewelry. Abused as a teenager, he partners with his abuser in a business and doesn't necessarily see anything wrong with what his abuser did to him. Moreover, since his own mother was a prostitute who committed suicide, he chooses girls who look like his mother so he can inflict pain on them, to satisfy his anger towards his her!
A young, ambitious, educated, innocent girl, who is not only a virgin but very naïve about sex, falls in love with him, even though he stalks her, traces her calls, convinces her to sign the
slavery submissive-contract so he can use her for his sexual enjoyment.
Then…. they get married and after the marriage he gives up his addiction and they live happily ever after.
As it is we already have intimacy issues among Muslim couples. We don't have parents who openly communicate with their children and educate them about sex and sexuality. We don't have enough speakers talking to our teens about sex, especially female speakers. We don't have enough Muslim counselors/therapists resolving intimacy issues between couples. On top of that, if our girls are going to read books likeFifty Shades of Grey, they are going to left with a seriously damaged concept of intimacy.
Just recently, I received a request from high school girls to hold a “Talk Session” so they can discuss their fears about marriage and intimacy. Some of the girls specifically brought up what they read in Fifty Shades of Grey and how they have developed fears and insecurity after reading the book (yet they are in love with Christian Grey!)
I cannot discuss all the points in the book thoroughly in just one article. However, to highlight some major issues, I want to tell my dear teenage daughters:

Christian Grey in Real Life:

1. It is not okay to be sexually abused by someone and then accept the abuse as a lifestyle, just because the abused starts enjoying the abuse.
2. It is not okay for a man to lure a girl into marrying him with his money or good looks while expecting her to overlook his habit of objectifying women as mere sexual objects.
3. Decent men normally don't stalk girls.
4. Grey is domineering, a control freak, a stalker, and a manipulator. In real life, these character flaws cause real marital problems. Unlike Ana, most women can't endure being stalked, watched and forced into submission while compensated with wealth and erotic intimacy. In real life, most men simply do not have the luxury of gifting the company where she works to the wife while forcing her into submitting.
5. One legitimate fact in the book worth pointing out is that Grey has a problem with Ana's male friends. Yes, that I can assure you dear daughters, especially those of you who have studied with boys and have Facebook friends of the opposite gender from school or work, that your husband may raise this objection. Or if you are used to “hanging out” for school projects at a public place, he may ask you to stop doing so. You either talk this through before marriage or you should be prepared to “submit” on this point after marriage and keep in mind that in exchange for your obedience, a  luxurious ski trip to Aspen in a private jet with your girl friends is not guaranteed.

Addiction and BDSM:

6. It is not okay to marry an addict especially if a girl finds out about his addiction before the marriage. This is a serious matter and unlike the book, addicts don't lose their addiction just by marrying someone they love.
7. It can take years for an addict to overcome his addiction. Addictsalmost always have relapses and those relapses can take a tremendous toll on the marriage.
8. I've come across countless men who have issues of child molestation, mother-father family issues, and desperately need therapy, but they will refuse to acknowledge any problems with their behavior let alone seek therapy. Our hero Mr. Grey, seeks counseling even before Ana asks him to seek help for his psychological issues. Dear daughters, the unfortunate fact of life is that it may take months of convincing, even arguments, and at times even family/friends' intervention, before the husband finally agrees to seek therapy.
9. It is not okay for a man to inflict physical pain on his wife for his sexual pleasure.
10.Sadism/Bondage/Submission and Dominance (BDSM) are acts of sex that may develop among couples in a halal way but it takes time. Initially a relationship needs understanding and normal intimacy. Once both partners, especially the wife, become comfortable and confident then they may experiment with different types of intimate practices.
11. After both husband and wife become comfortable with each other especially during intimacy, they may play around with different techniques and a variety of intimacy including BDSM. However, if it reaches to the point of inflicting pain where a wife starts crying with discomfort, or her eyes overflow with tears trying to endure pain, that's crossing the line. There is a difference in “delirious pain” and tearing up with pain.
12. Spanking the wife for rolling her eyes is wrong (even though it maybe an acceptable practice among the Christian Domestic Discipline). Hitting the wife with a belt to inflict physical pain for a husband's sexual pleasure is physical abuse. A decent man will draw his own limits for his sexual pleasure and a wife doesn't need to burst out in tears and start crying for him to realize that what he was doing was beastly.

Virginity and Intimacy:

13. No virgin has multiple orgasms on her first night. Do not enter your marriage with this misconception.

14. It may take days to weeks before a virgin experiences vaginal orgasm. (In rare cases, it may take up to months and may need therapy)

15. Communication and comfort is essential in making intimacy successful and pleasurable, especially for those girls who've guarded their chastity and are experiencing intimacy for the first time.

16. In normal circumstances, acts of BDSM should not be practiced on a girl who's been recently deflowered.

17. Men are not born expert-lovers. In real life, couples have to discuss their fantasies and communicate what they like and explain their desires, and not just once. Sometimes these fantasies have to be explained many times before the spouse finally understands. It may take months, sometimes years before sexual fantasies become realities. The book definitely raises the bar of expectations in many ways.

18. Yes, sex is a lot more than just penetration (as most Muslim women complain about their intimacy being dry and boring) but most Muslim men are not as experienced and “sex gurus” as Grey, especially those who have kept themselves pure before marriage.

19. Grey can read Ana's body language and knows exactly what will turn her on and what will bring her pleasure AND he is always ready to give her that. Dear daughters, in real life things are very different.

20. In the beginning of a marriage, most Muslim men don't know how to make a women experience an orgasm during every intercourse. They need to learn and the wives need to help them learn. It is a give-and-take relationship.

Romance between Ana & Grey:

21. There is never a “dull moment” in their romance. In real life, issues start rising after a few weeks of marriage–real issue—issues that need to be talked through and resolved. These issues cannot be resolved through “erotic intimacy” and “expensive gifts”.
22. Unlike Grey, men have mood swings too and they may not be romantic all the time.
23. Men want their wives to be romantic too and take initiatives and plan romantic events, dinners, outings etc. Unlike Grey, real men are not always full of romantic surprises.
24. Real men in real life have work to do at work. They simply cannot romantically email back and forth all day from work.
This is just a brief clarification I can offer you, of not just one but three books about an abused billionaire turned into a sadistic-domineering-control freak-emotional abuser's “amazing love story”!
2015 Fashion,


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This tattoos give you the golden look that henna can't,featuring Sheebani collection from Flash Tattoos...Not loving the nails though!

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So, where's yours?, Is it hidden?

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First I want to thank you all who follow this blog, is being great to be able to express few toughs and experiences of mine.

I want to start this post by asking all of you  (Muslims of curse) few questions:

First one,where is your Quran right now?

We Muslims are supposed to "Make the Quran our best friend and yet, we don't have a relationship with our Quran, and I'm including my self in this.

The thing is, we see it a bit difficult to maintain it at hand, we should perform Ablution, wear our prayer garments(Is better), read it on our prayer mat (is advisable), do not be in contact when you are in those days(If you are a woman,you know what I'm talking about) , you are not an Arab speaker therefor you don't understand a word in Arabic and need a good Interpretation of the meaning of the Quran in your language, All this "Obstacles" to call them in some way, prevent us of been more in contact with the Quran, About the last one; let's don't forget what the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said:
Verily the one who recites the Qur’an beautifully, smoothly, and precisely, he will be in the company of the noble and obedient angels. And as for the one who recites with difficulty, stammering or stumbling through its verses, then he will have TWICE that reward.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]
As this we can find many excuses of why we are not as close as we should with the Quran, if we keep our holy book away, in the bookshelf, in our night tables,etc. we will not remember to read it, We must don't forget the benefits of reading the Quran. The more you know about the benefits you will reap, the more you want to spend time with it. The rewards of reading and reciting the Quran are many. An authentic hadith in At-Tirmidhi states:
Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah, he will have a reward. And that reward will be multiplied by ten. I am not saying that “Alif, Laam, Meem” is a letter, rather I am saying that “Alif” is a letter, “laam” is a letter and “meem” is a letter.” So increase your recitation of the Qur’an to gain these merits.