Being Me! Woman, Latina and Muslim

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Now days nothings seems more deemed than to be a Muslim, Woman and add to the list being Latina.
Mariana Aguilera
Founder/Modest Fashion + Style Editor
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There is a need in all human beings of belonging; to a family, to a group to a community etc, As it wasn't hard enough to be a Muslim, Woman and Latina, finding people and communities to identify within the Muslim community is even harder,Though Islam promotes unity, Arabs stick with Arabs, Pakistani with Pakistani, Black with Black leaving out Latino and White Muslim converts hanging in the wind and wondering from community to community.

I have been blessed enough (Al hamdulillah!) to have a beautiful in-lows and be accepted between Egyptian society, now I can tell that we Latinos are not too different form most of  Arab communities, we have a strong sense of what family means and though there are obvious differences is really not too hard when you convert to Islam, at least in my case, there was a sense of relief when I finally found what I was looking for, respect, equality (in Allah's eyes) and the peace that Islam brought to my heart, but there is still that need of belonging that I don't have now with my real family, I miss to speak in my language and talk about things I used to do and like there, now I'm the "Different" in the family though, I really appreciate the respect to my believes and the acceptance from them with me, things are( and I really don't thing there will be a change soon) different.

I'm sure the felling is mutual between converted from non Arab cultures, we need to remember that Islam is what make us one, and the support should come from our brothers and sisters in religion, therefore all Muslims should be together as a huge family around the world, and that is in us to keep this message of unity by fighting racism between Muslim communities.