And where is the "Islamic"?

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‘Islamic Fashion Festival’ started in 2006 and it has being spreat to Jakarta, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and New York.

The Islamic Fashion Festival is precisely intended to end the myth that a Muslim woman cannot posses a sense of style. On the contrary, Islamic dressing is a style of its own, and today it is beginning to attract more and more attention, as mainstream trends become increasingly bold, sensual and provocative which is unappealing to the more conservative consumers,” said Rosmah Mansur, the first lady of Malaysia.
write something in Arabic in any gown and there it is!, You have created Islamic Fashion!

----So call me "Conservative" but how something "bold sensual and provocative" can be Islamic fashion??, I really think this first lady should learn what Islam means and what are the code of dress for Muslims, Am I wrong?

On IFF, she said its main mission was to capitalise on fashion as a platform to bring together designers and fashion enthusiasts of different cultures, religious backgrounds and race to bring Islamic Couture into the mainstream of style and fashion.

Ok I'm lost (wt...) Where is the "Islamic" in this model?

----They did brought designers (around 100 designers since this started) from different cultures, religious backgrounds and race to bring whattttt??, Islamic Couture, sorry but I really don't think this was necessary, Islam is not a fashion, and if it were, how comes that non-Muslim designers can understand what Islam orders and make it attractive to all those non-Muslims women around the world?

Islamic fashion is fast becoming a lucrative business with the current market estimated to be worth more than US$96 billion a year.

----This is why Islamic fashion in recent years has become popular and trendy, lets take some Arab styles and incorporate them in a western clothes and there we have our Islamic "Trendy" not 100% Muslim (for those who suffer of Islamophobia) that can be worn for all kind of people and lets make business and win billions every year.

The global Muslim population comprises one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world, hence representing a major growth opportunity for businesses around the globe, including in the fashion sector,”

----Are they using us??, I mean in fact some of the richest countries in all the world are Muslim countries, then they come with their original European Brands to this Arab countries and sale what they don't in a hole year in Europe in only few months.

This recent interest in Muslim fashion signals the changing dynamics of the ever-increasing interaction among Eastern and Western cultures. Nowadays, Muslim women can choose from a broad selection of designs to create a look that matches their values, traditions and tastes, without compromising any of the three.

----Question? Are this designs really matching our values, traditions and what do they know about our tastes btw?

In my opinion this is the only model that you can say in some way that follow the Islamic dress code.

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