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A perfume bottle can mean many things to many people. But in business terms perfume bottles can make or break your products success. Some people may think that it is a minor detail in the big picture, a mere feather in the crown of the booming perfume industry. But there is truly so much more to perfume bottles than just what meets the eye.

At its most basic, a perfume bottle is a mere receptacle. Most people would agree that "it's what's inside that counts." This is true. But even if you have the best quality of product in any form, if it is encapsulated in grime or an unattractive container, no one will buy it. In order for a perfume to smell good, it has to look good first.

The perfume bottle is the initiator of customer loyalty. Before the customer sprays some liquid on his or her pulse points or sniffs the aroma in the air, he or she will first have to be attracted to the perfume bottle's design.

Perfume bottles communicate different moods. Formal people will enjoy rigid designs and subtle classic colors, whilst younger females are more likely to love those in bright pinks and voluptuously shaped containers.

The bottle must not just represent the company which made the perfume, it must also mirror the target market's desires and aspirations. You cannot expect a perfume bottle designed for corporate people to be something that will get the teenager's attention. Nor can you expect pastel-colored and eccentrically shaped perfume bottles to generate the approving eye of more conservative groups.

Placing the bottle amidst a sea of others in a department store or A-line boutique is like entering your perfume in a beauty pageant, and rooting for it to garner first place in the hearts of perfume aficionados. The perfume bottle is the ambassadress of the perfume brand. It will represent not just one product, but the entire line of products that are associated with who produced that perfume bottle's contents.

Nonetheless, a perfume bottle is still a receptacle, so it must also maintain its functionality despite all the variations it can come in. A strong base to keep it standing and some symmetry and material that will preserve the scent for prolonged storage periods is also something that customers will want to see.

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