2011 summer hijab fashion trends

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Salam wa leykum to every one!

Truly Egypt is not the UAE when it comes to fashion, Egyptians has strange way to wear but the important is they are confident and they enjoy mixing colors and textures which gives them a particular style, is really weird to find some one really fashionable here but I think this is due the HIGH prices that you have to pay for the latest trends and in a country where all are struggling to eat I think fashion comes in not even a second but in last place.

Any way here are some styles I found beautiful, fresh, and practical, I wont put brand names coz they don't pay for publicity right?, hehehe, this is meant just to give you some ideas I know for those who lives in non Muslim countries some times is difficult to find fashion styles or for those who has just embraced Islam (mash'allah Mabrouk to all of you) this is what you can wear, is not a rule ok it is just some ideas, remember this are pictures where they don't take care more about be really covered so keep in mind that the hijab should cover your neck!

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