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DIY Doly canvas bag tutorial

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salam waleykum dear readers, It has been a very very busy month I barely have time to post but here it is a nice tutorial that I found,the most simple yet fun and chic canvas bag, this simple steps will help you insh'allah to creat a beautiful one.
By :Ashley Campbell.
Supplies: Canvas bag (here an other tutorial of how to do it), fabric paint, paper doily, Krylon Paper Finishes Adhesive Spray
Step 1: Spray doily with paper spray adhesive and press down on the bag (not shown). (Using Krylon Paper Finishes adhesive allows the doily to stick in place while you paint, but it easily pulls off without leaving a sticky mess behind after you paint.)

Step 2: Gently paint over the holes – Is recommended paint meant for fabric, not crafts. Fabric paint will be more durable.

Step 3: Peel back doily before paint dries. The doily might tear, just peel off the pieces
paint your initials and iron it.


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