are we forced to wear veil???......I didn't know it hahaha

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I'm right now lost in this forum and I just can say

Do not let the ignorance blind you... and open your heart to knowledge. (by that's me)

The guy asked
"To Muslims, these are my questions

1.Does Islam(as an ideology taught by Muhammad) can there be religious freedom within the constituents as one of the fundamental tenets of Human rights?

2.Why women in Islam are forced to wear veils(to cover their head or even whole body)? In a Muslim countries they are forced to but in a non-Islamic country, some Muslim women don't wear veils?What is the punishment if they don't abide by the Islamic Laws

3.In Islam, religion, social, politics are indivisible. Does it mean mullahs and government authorities holds the same power? I believe in the separation of religion and state because without it there is no true democracy in such a country. What is your stance between religion and a state? "

Some times we try to prove that our religion is the right and we don't search or listen others probably because we are afraid to discover that we are in a mistake and, as humans is difficult to accept it, but once you check and make a true study then you are free to choice whatever you want (may allah guide you to the right path) the worst thing we can do is close our mind to the knowledge.

Personally, when I was Catholic I was completely refused to one day change my religion.....Before even know my husband........I was sure that I will die as Catholic, but hamdullilah I found Islam and since then I have been reading more than never in my life...I read about other religions and every time I'm amused about how great is Islam

I really understand other who want to confront Islam...but as soon you start to know them more you realise is just the lack of knowledge what makes them some times fight against Islam
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