Fashion and Hijab-Choosing the right one

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Egypt in this days has a grown number of girls that has adopted the "Hijab", it sounds really good, since Egypt is a Muslim Country, the only problem in this is they are doing it because of the " Fashion".

Egyptian girls has a wrong idea about "Fashion", many of them leave their homes wearing as if they will appear in a TV program or if they were Models from a "Fashion Magazine", which they are not, sadly for them, they try the best to look perfect, even when this some times doesn't work out, they often look to the others around them, probably they can copy some style or to be aware of the new street fashion,this style of hijab has become one of the most popular between the "Hijabis" here in Egypt:

Even some companies only hire women who were this style and not this one I think more correct for a Muslim women:

They try really hard to be "Fashionable", this is something we shouldn't criticize,thought, this is something "Natural" we are women and we always will be attracted to "Fashion", but the problem is that, we are forgetting the real intention of wearing Hijab, more women believe that the Non-Hijabis has more options to look good with whatever they wear, Hijabis has a real hard time finding the appropriate clothes, if they looks good probably they will not cover you good, if they cover you they doesn't looks good, and what about the different shape of bodies, and don't speak when it comes to choose the right hijab style that looks good for you and in the same time covers you appropriate.

More women who wear modestly are criticized because they looks older than what they really are due to their clothing style, this is not bad at all, they are following god orders, but what if we follow our dress code in Islam and in same time we look a bit better?.....ooh that will be just perfect isn't it?

Let's talk about those "Hijabis" with tight clothes and "Full make up", seriously I will blame their parents and not them, the other day my husband and I we went to buy our Eid clothes and there I sow a woman wearing an abaya and khemar while her daughter was wearing the most tight jeans you can imagine showing her big ok not big but huge butt (I'm not kidding) and a tight blouse, with the first hijab style in this post, I was tempted to take a picture but the girl doesn't take his ayes off me, why I didn't know, I was wearing really normal and my converts, ...I'm very casual hehehe. So, this things makes you wonder why this mother let her daughter do that?,and is just an example of what is going on here, My husband every time talk about his college time, when girls aboard the train wearing hijab and when they arrive to the city, usually Alexandria and Cairo, they take it off, also prostitutes wearing niqab (WT....), all this happen without their parents know, but if you raise your kids with good basis in Islam and education then nothing of this would happen.

In the other hand the media is a huge influence in youth no doubt about it, I talk before about this magazine "Hijab Fashion", where they feature some times really ridiculous hijab styles others that doesn't cover you right, but all this if you know what wear a hijab means you will only take the good tips and use them in an appropriate hijab.

The trick lays in chosen the right fabrics and colors for you.

We are right now in summer then lets choose cotton fabrics also Chiffon is good option because those materials will let you "breath", also use a cotton under scarf which will help you to stabilize your hijab, stylise it, and is not to hot.

about colors it depends on your skin color, here some tips about how to choose the right colors for you:

Skin tone color matching, also known as color analysis, is the process of finding the makeup and clothes that most flatter your complexion. With this process people are divided into "seasons" based on their appearance. Skin, hair and eye color are all taken into account. So figure out what "season" you are and you'll know what colors will be more flattering.

So, what category do you fall under? All skin tones can be categorized as either "cool" or "warm." If you have a cool skin tone then your skin will have pink or blue undertones and any visible veins will look blue. Platinum or silver looks better than gold on a cool skin tone. With a warm skin tone, a person will have yellow undertones and their veins will appear green. Gold is the metal of choice for warm skin. Once you figure out if you are warm or cool, then it is time to determine if you are "clear" or "muted." A person with clear skin will normally have a large contrast between their hair, skin and eyes. This skin will have a slight translucent quality to it. Muted skin will not have as much of a contrast. With muted skin you might see ash tones, and it will appear softer in color than that of a clear skin tone. Knowing if you are "warm" or "cool" and "clear" or "muted" will determine what season you are a part of.

The first of the skin tone seasons we'll look at is winter. Winter skin is cool and clear. Think of very stark and dramatic skin. Asians and Africans often fall into this category. Caucasians with very pale skin and dark hair will fall into this category as well. Winters look best in true white, true black, cool grays, navy blue, deep reds, bright pinks, jewel tones (emerald, royal blue, royal purple), and icy pastels. Colors to avoid include beige, orange, gold, brown and other washed out shades. Winter skin tone will look faded and ashy in these colors.

A summer skin tone is cool and muted. People with pale pinkish skin, ash Blondie or brown hair, and light eyes will fall under this category. A summer could also have a strong complexion that tans easily. Summers are mostly natural blondes. Summer skin tone has a low level of contrast between eye, hair and skin color. Pastels, neutrals, and muted colors look best. Lavender, rose, mauve, pale yellow, and light blue are a few examples of flattering muted colors for the summer skin tone. Colors to avoid include black and orange. Also, other intense, vivid colors will be too harsh and drown out a summer skin tone.

An autumn skin tone is warm and muted. People with light golden skin, red or brown hair, and brown eyes will be considered autumns. An autumn might also have darker honey colored hair or golden blonde hair with blue eyes that have a gray or turquoise cast. These people will burn easily in the sun. Autumns look best in earth tones that are rich and muted. Think of colors you would see on autumn leaves and spices. Caramel, beige, burnt orange, gold, dark reds, olive, ivory, camel and rich brown look great on autumns. Cool shades should be avoided. They will give you a pale appearance. Pink is extremely unflattering. Clear, bright colors and black and white will make you look faded and should be avoided as well.

A spring skin tone is warm and clear. Someone with light blonde, auburn, or strawberry blonde hair and clear light blue or green eyes will fall into this category most times. Springs have extremely light, ivory skin. Freckles and rosy cheeks are seen in springs as well. If you can't decide whether you are a spring or autumn, most times autumns have dark eyes while springs have pale eyes. Pale, soft colors look best on springs. Ivory, peach, true reds, clear blues, camel, light pink, coral, golden yellow, golden brown, aqua and bright greens are all flattering on a spring however. This skin tone does not go well with dark, dull colors. Black and white will also be too contrasting for a spring skin tone.

Hopefully this will give you a hint as to what color looks best with your skin tone. Remember, these are just general guidelines. Sometimes a color that isn't supposed to look good on you does and you look fabulous. You need to use your own discretion here and ask a friend with good taste for their opinion.

**Some colors works for all skin tones, use this examples to convine your hijab (1 or more) and under scarves:**

Egg Plant-
Some colors work for all skin tones, because they fall into the middle of the color spectrum, meaning they're not too warm or too cool, Case in point: eggplant (Pantone 19-2311 TC). "the perfect purple" because it is extremely versatile, almost like a black, a dark brown, or a navy.

Indian Teal

Colors on opposite sides of the color wheel enhance each other, which is why strawberries look so good packaged in green containers, the color-wheel opposite of pink-plays up a healthy flush in the skin. Plus, it's more versatile than a bright, summery turquoise, so you can wear it well into the fall with black, brown, and other neutrals.

Mellow Rose-

Somewhere between a light pink and a peach, which looks more like a neutral than a pastel. This color highlights the natural flush of one's face, giving anyone who wears it a glow.

Now that we know what colors are the best for us lets find our appropriate hijab style..........To be continue.

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