Elegant Hijab Fashion for this Eid or any Special Occasion

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Step out this Eid in the selection of beautiful eveningwear with a modest touch.

Fatema Zehra offers keen graphic design enthusiast, Hina Khwaja, a selection of elegant gowns - ideal for any occasion.

Stylist Fatema Zehra

Photographer Steven Lawson

From www.emel.com

This for obvious reasons is my favorite (Purple)

Purple pearl work dress, £300 at Pia michi; Silver scarf – stylists own; Cream cardigan, £35 from Louche at Joy; Diamante bracelet, £12; Sequinned clutch, £22 both at Next.

Love the fresh but Elegant look

Multicoloured print dress, £420 at Pia michi; Purple Hijab, £15 at Tie-rack; Gold clutch, £32 at Accessorize; Plum cropped cardigan, £35 from Louche; Filled Resin Bangle, £35 both at Joy.

The bag in this look is my favorite

Blue diamond detail dress (with scarf attached), £330 at Pia michi; Grey blazer, £15 at H&M; Silver diamond clutch, £30; Diamante bracelets, £12 at Next

Not to sure about the feathers but the look is beautiful

Dark grey dress, £65 at Normode; Gold detail peacock belt, £15 from Louche; Suede insert bangle, £6 from Louche; Lace print scarf, £18 from ‘Soaked in Luxury’, all at Joy; Feather clutch bag, £25; Lace detail shoes, £35 both at Next

Simply Elegant, I'm in love with the Cardigan

Black chiffon drape dress, £330 at Pia michi; Black beaded cardigan, £39 from Louche at Joy; Black velvet clutch, £25; Beaded bracelets, £15 from Runway; Black and gold scarf, £16, all at Next.

Not so sure about all those colors, what I hate is the amount of pieces some times we have to wear to be covered(Maxy dress,long sleeve blouse,cardigan,etc,etc), why the designers can do their job and design something that doesn't need other items to cover us?

Green print dress, £55 at Normode; Gold knit shrug – stylists own; Gold scarf, £29.99 at Tie rack; Diamante beaded necklace, £20; Sequinned clutch, £22; Gold cuff, £12 all at Next.

***Hope you like this ideas***

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