Printed "Islamic" Fabrics on Fashion 2011-2012

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Throughout this years I have been noticed how Egypt is changing and now is making a "Revolution on Fashion" , Dubai has Rabia Z, but Egypt is having every time more and more new designers that are adopting the new trends in fashion and getting them into a New Hijabi Style a lot more modern but yet conservative and modest.

A classic Harem Pants with a new style of body wear made of cotton,an asymmetric bolero and a bag made of fabric.

Black abaya and Bag made with printed fabric "Islamic style" .

I don't know you but me...I'm not so sure about this matter, at least for me it doesn't seems very respectful when you are wearing clothing with any word from quran or with the name of our prophet printed on it, just think about it, what if you need to go to the WC?.

The pictures are gorgeous and the styles too, there is a lot of this kind of bags here in Egypt they are becoming the "New Fashion", enjoy anyway and use your discretion when using this accessories.

more information contact me at thepurplesharepoint@gmail.com

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