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Hijab Fashion Style for this 2012

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Ok so here it is a new option on styles for all of us, although I think less is more in this occasion, is understandable that you want to feature more clothes in just one shot, so the models are wearing in my opinion pieces that will be better if you use them alone.

I love that the hijab stylist is covering completely neck,ears and hair of the models, something we don't see more in fashion.

Ruffles on the neck very trendy
Animal print not my style

Love it!

I love the blue color


I like but not too sure about two scarves

This is what I was talking about, love the jacket and the blouse under it but together I just don't think they looks good together.

I love, love, love this look, kind of bohemio.


I love the scarf and the bag.

So all this styles are in almost all the fancy shops in Egypt, but if you are a good searcher then you will find them and others for less, sooooo.....lucky of you if you buy them and sorry if you are not in Egypt hehehehe.

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