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Men And Women's Differences due... PERSONALITY

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while reading the next article, I came to the conclusion that if scientist turn to study what Quran says better than tray to "Discover what is already discovered", we will save a lot of time and effort,not to mention money.Have you heard about the famous book
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus? is a book written by John Gray. The book has sold more than 7 million copies worldwide, I have never read it and insh'allah I'll never do it, just by reading the title I know is about how different men and woman are due the gender factor,something I'm in complete disagree, but in this "New wold" full of "Opportunities" for everyone where is claimed to be the "Modern Era" where no Discrimination exist (aha, and then you weak up and realize it was a dream), there is people trying to prove how different we are and when some one proves the contrary then they come with another "Strategy", this is the case of the article I talk about in the beginning of this post.. if you are interested please read it compleate, then if you turn to what the Quran say, we found that Man and Women are different due their personality which is formed according the circumstances and the availability of resources and not because a sex difference(second article in this post).
Men And Women's Differences Extend To Personality, Study Claims
by Claire Gordon

Men and women are more alike than different -- that's been the consensus view for many years among the researchers who study personality differences between the sexes. But a new study claims this wisdom is wrong. By correcting for measurement errors, three researchers put forth a study that was published on Wednesday on the Public Library of Science website saying they've found that men and women feel and behave in markedly different ways. They're almost like "different species," Paul Irwing, one of the researchers, told The Huffington Post.

The research, conducted by Marco Del Giudice of Italy's University of Turin and Irwing and Tom Booth of the UK's University of Manchester, involved getting 10,000 Americans to take a questionnaire that measured 15 different personality traits. According to their analysis,

"men are far more dominant, reserved, utilitarian, vigilant, rule-conscious, and
emotionally stable"
, while

"women are far more deferential, warm, trusting, sensitive, and emotionally

The two sexes were roughly the same when it came to perfectionism, liveliness, and abstract versus practical thinking.

"If you translate it into the simplest terms," said Irwing, "only 18 percent of men and women match in terms of personality profiles, and that's staggeringly different from the consensus view."

The consensus view, most persuasively set out in a 2005 study by Janet Shibley Hyde, a professor of psychology and women's studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, demonstrated through a meta-analysis of 46 other studies that men and women were actually very similar, not only in personality traits, but in other realms of supposed gender difference, like self-esteem, leadership, and math ability.

In the early 1970s, Hyde became one of the first researchers to focus on the psychology of women. "Before that, psychology had been a psychology of men," Hyde told The Huffington Post, and many theories had been developed based on entirely male samples. So she began to study women, and the differences between women and men, and was surprised at how small those differences turned out to be. "I mean, I was trying to study difference," Hyde said.

Hyde says the final figure Irwing, Del Giudice, and Booth came up with -- the "global sex difference" -- is "really uninterpretable, it doesn't mean anything."

In past studies on this topic, researchers would simply add up all the survey responses, according to Del Giudice. This led to imperfect results because of careless responses and misreadings. Through a sophisticated method called "structure equation modeling," the researchers claim they were able to remove this random error. When asked if he could translate this concept for a lay person, Irwing replied: "I teach courses on this and it takes me approximately 20 hours."

Past research also usually compared one variable at a time, Del Giudice said. He believes this method led to underestimations of the sex difference because when you actually combine all personality traits, with all their small discrepancies, the result is a much more significant difference. For example, if you were to examine the difference between men and women's body types using the traditional method, you would look at torso circumference and waist-hip ratios and torso-leg ratios, one by one. In Del Giudice's method, you would crunch all these figures into one much larger number. And that's what he did with personality.

"They kind of globbed together all these personality dimensions and said there was a big difference," Hyde said. "They're throwing together apples and oranges and dishwashers to get this thing in 15-dimensional space. We don't know what 15-dimensional space looks like."

But Del Giudice contends that his team didn't measure "a haphazard list of traits." Rather, they considered 15 facets that could offer a reasonably complete picture of a person's personality.

Irwing thinks that some researchers in the past may have been biased in their methods, in order to reduce any gender difference. "It's for totally laudable reasons," he said. "People are very concerned, or were very concerned, that women didn't get equal opportunities, and that there was a lot of bias in selection processes."

"People are afraid that studies like ours will turn the clock back," Irwing added.

Hyde is one of those people. "This huge difference is not only scientifically false," she said, "it has unfortunate consequences for places like the workplace and education and heterosexual romantic relationships."

But the authors stand by their results, and are currently drafting a lengthy response to Hyde's objections. "I think distorting science because of what you would like to believe, or because of what you think the political consequences are, is very dangerous," said Irwing.

The study doesn't speculate as to whether the alleged differences are due to nature or nurture, although Irwing points out the results are consistent with standard evolutionary theory. Even if these differences aren't indelibly printed in our genes, Hyde believes there's still cause for alarm.

If men and women have wildly different personalities, "then how can we do the same job men can, and deserve equal pay for equal work?" she asked. "A married couple have marital difficulties, and they go to the therapist, who says 'he's from Mars, you're from Venus, you'll never be able to communicate. It's hopeless.' If you have a gender similarities point of view, you just need to work on communicating."

The Woman's Personality
and Role in Life
(An edited summary of Sayyed Fadlullah's view)

Women in the Queen are cited as role models for both men and women, which proves that Islam does not consider women as anything but equal to men; their innate weakness and tendency to be emotional can surely be overcome if favorable conditions and a strong belief are available.

The woman's Personality

How do we discover the woman's personality? Should we go to the religious texts? Or should we study the elements of this personality through the woman's interactions in life?

We believe that the second option is the objective and realistic one. It also constitutes a base for understanding the religious texts enabling us to interpret them in a way that does not contradict with the outside world, or to deduce that some traditions are not authentic since they contradict the principles of our doctrines as manifested by the Quran and the authentic traditions.

In the light of these guidelines, we observe that it is difficult to distinguish between a man and a woman who live in similar cultural social and political circumstances. The man's awareness and understanding of these circumstances is not greater than that of the woman. On the contrary, we see in many examples that women have outdone men in their clear vision and deep understanding owing to certain internal and external factors. This is what we notice in certain historic examples when the women live in favorable cultural and social conditions. They were able to assert their effective and active role that is based on the pillars of thought and doctrine.

This is what the Quran tells us when Allah talks about Lady Mary (a.s.) and the Pharaoh’s wife, and this is what history tells us when it speaks about such models as Khadija, the Mother of believers, Fatima Az-Zahra' (The Prophet's daughter) and Zainab bint Ali…. And about the positions and stands those great ladies had that are based on their belief, spirituality and understanding of the religion and the circumstances around them and how they challenged the situations that confronted them. All these prove that there is no difference between them and the men that lived in their time.

If some people talk about certain unique traits in the personality of these woman, we do not find any special attributes they were adorned with except that they lived in natural circumstances that enabled them to develop spirituality and mentally, as well as their commitment in practice and that the elements of their personality were able to balance one another in a natural way to allow them to develop in the way they did. We cannot say that they were granted supernatural powers in a way that we can no longer say that they are ordinary women, for this is not proved beyond any doubt, although in the case of Mary, Allah says that he had chosen her due to her spirituality and obedience of God.

But if God has guided her by the spirit He sent her, there is no supernatural power she possesses as such.

It is a grace from Allah that aimed at guiding her as to how to act and to give her spiritual strength to continue to act in the normal way she did and to give her more strength to fight the natural human weakness that lies in her just as any man would encounter in such situations.

The Quran of Sheba is a Quranic example of how wise a woman could be, as a ruler that studies all the elements and examines all the options before taking any decision, a woman that is not ruled by her emotions but by her mind. These attributes enabled her to rule over men who found in her the rational and capable person that is capable of running their affairs.

We deduce form this example that women are capable of overcoming the inner weakens that negatively affect their judgment, suggesting that weakness in women is not an inescapable fate.

Another example we should study is Pharaoh’s wife who lived a life of extreme extravagance, but she refused all that because of her belief which made her unable to reconcile between the life she was living in and the poverty and deprivation of the masses, as well as her husband's role in wronging them.

Thus, she asked Allah to build her a place in Heaven as a symbol of her refusal of the reality and to enable her to be strong each time she found some weakness taking the better of her. She asked God to save her from Pharaoh and his tyrannical actions, as well as the people who helped him in his wronging.

Thus she became a role model for believers both men and women. Mary(a.s.) too was a role model for all believers in her belief in God and in her morals and devoutness, to the extent that all of her life was an extended prayer and a token of belief in Allah and obedience to His Will . God cites as an example of those who believed, the wife of Pharaoh. She said: "My Lord, build a home for me near You in Paradise, and save me from Pharaoh and his works; and save me from the transgressing people." Also Mary, the daughter of Imran, who maintained her chastity. So We blew into her from Our spirit, and she believed in the words of her Lord and His Scriptures; and she was of those who were obedient. 66:11-12

Taking the strong believing women as role models for both men and women, clearly
indicates that the Quran acknowledges the woman's ability to be a strong person
who can overcome any innate weakens in her. The woman, thus, could well be a
role model just like the man, since both are capable of humanistic giving
without any differences pertaining to their sex.
The difference in sex does not hinder the ability of being strong on the levels of thinking, giving, having a strong willpower and the ability to take the right decision and the right position after studying all options, once the circumstances that favor creativity and rational thinking are available.

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