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Party hijab style - Tutorial

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Salam wa leykum, I'm so happy don't ask why I don't even know why, you know those days when you weak up and you feel just Happy?, Today is one of those days, although I think it should be like that every day, isn't it?.

And because I'm happy here you have a Step by Step Party hijab style, just follow the steps in the pictures, but remember if you are not that good to make this or any other styles by yourself, you can find them All ready to wear in Muslim Elegance Shop (remember you need to be signed in Facebook first to can see the page).

1. Use a cotton under scarf to stabilise your hijab.

Find this Under scarf in Muslim Elegance Shop

2. Glittery tulle scarf from Muslim Elegance

3.New Chiffon-Satin soiree scarf from Muslim Elegance

4. Glittery tulle scarf in different colors from Muslim Elegance

5. Organza-lace Scarf from Muslim Elegance

6. Sequined headband from Muslim Elegance

7. Find all kind of Pins and security pins on Muslim Elegance

8.Back view before the ruffles

9. Back view of the style after you ruffle all the scarves in the back

10.use the edge of the scarf to make some ruffles on the side

11.Add some pins in flower shapes to give a special touch to your look, and that's all!!

All scarves and under scarves used here you can find them in Muslim Elegance Shop

Buy this and other Hijab Styles Ready to Wear in Muslim Elegance Shop

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