Top styles to drape your hijab this season.

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By Nasheet Jaffer Khan.

Follow the easy steps and before you know it, yours will be the most stylish shayla or hijab around, find more accesories at Muslim Elegance.

Eliminate the stress of a shayla/scarf that refuses to stay put by working on your base band first. Opt for a wide band or A'mta - a stretchable piece of stitched fabric you can find them at Muslim Elegance- to hold the scarf in place. It's best to use a pure cotton base band as this allows the scalp to breathe while ensuring your scarf does not slip constantly. Use a flower clip better a medium size-We don't want to look like a cammel right?- (pictured on the left) to add more volume." To achieve this, first tie hair in a ponytail, then slide the band over your face to sit around the neck. Next, add a flower clip before pulling the band back up to circle the forehead. Tuck it in for a neat look.

Follow the easy steps and before you know it, yours will be the most stylish shayla around.

1. Flirt with fabric!
While pashmina and silk scarves may be easily available, they are also very last season. the type of fabric makes a huge difference to the finished look. "If you have a round or wide face, opt for a silk shayla (left), which adds more volume to the drape.

Steps for silk fabric
Start by placing one end of the scarf either on the right or left side of your neck. Wrap slowly while ensuring you carefully accentuate the folds for a more voluminous look.

Steps for jersey fabric
Place the scarf/shayla on the centre of the head while ensuring both ends are at an equal distance from the forehead. Take one side and circle it around your face. For more volume, repeat steps with the other end.

2. Hoodie hijab
Ever wondered how some hijabis mange to look effortlessly stylish by combing a hood with their regular hijab? The Hoodie Hijab might just be your one-stop solution. The hood is attached to two long pieces of fabric which balance the shayla or scarf on the head. This is one of the classic styles, especially popular in winter. It looks amazing with long jackets and boots. And is a particular favourite with non-hijabis travelling to Muslim countries too."

Wear as you would a hood. Wrap extensions - one end at a time - around the neck or pin at one side with a brooch. For a more romantic look, tie it into a bow or at the back of your neck.

3. cowl-neck shayla
Think regal. The circular shayla or scarf's oval drape - which rests at the midriff - helps you achieve just that look. Since these are made of a jersey material, they sit well on the forehead, eliminating the use of any accessories. This easy and fun single-piece shayla can be used in two different ways - by non-hijabis to add some glamour to their outfits or by hijabis with a contrast base band for more coverage. It's perfect for travelling.

Simply rest the hood on the crown, before you answer the 'mirror, mirror...' question. Use a contrast base band for best results.

4. Gather-top shayla
It makes the cut for its WOW factor. I love the drama created by the scrunched parting and its ultra chic look, which is achieved with minimal effort. This style is practical. It works well for round shapes as it takes away the attention from the face cut.

Depending on your face cut, opt for either a side or a middle parting for the scrunched area of the shayla/scarf. Wrap one end around your face. Repeat step with the other end. For a different look wrap around the neck before tying the ends together. Oh so chic!

5. Attention to accessories
What better way to make a style statement than to accessorise! Vintage pins and beaded or feathered bands are a quick, easy and cheap way to add style to the scarves you already have. These work best on the classic Emirati black shaylas made of a soft, flowy material - Abayas with matching shayla available at Muslim Elegance. The finished look is perfect for plain abayas.The best accessories are lovely brooches as they add a touch of glamour while holding slippery scarves in place.You can use many different things to accessorise, such as jewellery, necklaces, huge crystal brooches used for bags, in addition to headbands, silk flowers, antique trims and customised pins. This look is a safe alternative for women who don't want to match scarves to outfits.

With the base band in place, work with a black shayla to achieve the desired volume and folds. Place a headband - Find them at Muslim Elegance- as you would to hold your hair in place. If using a small or medium-sized brooch, pin it above the ear. Balance the look in case of larger brooches by pinning the brooches near the flower clip (hidden underneath the base band). I recommend this look for parties and special occasions.

6. Bandana hijab
You love the rock and roll look that a bandana helps achieve but worry about your exposed neck and face area. Well worry no more. This simple, fun and versatile look can be achieved in a matter of seconds. It helps if you know how to tie a pretty bow. Printed cotton shaylas work best for this look. It is advisable to use a bold colour base band so as not to ruin the look with too many details. This works best to add the quirky element to a modest ensemble. The bandana wrap can also be substituted for hats/caps/ beanies, a thin hijab.

Use a base band that ends at the collar bone. Once in place, tie the printed shayla or scarf as you would a bandana. Khalaas!

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